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Trance, trance and some more trance


Aight, so I think it’s about time to get over Bal en Blanc, no matter how amazing it was. Even more so if you stayed until the end and got to see Ben Gold who delivered a ridiculously good set. Well anyways, on with the music.

So I guess my title is a bit deceiving, it’s my first song and it’s not trance but it’s one of my favourites of the past few weeks, heard it first on TGP and it just keeps growing on me. Just gotta love what Arno Cost is doing.

Arias & Arno Cost – Days to Come (feat. Michael Feiner)

Next track is a sick collaboration from Markus Schulz and Jochen Miller (who’s at Circus in August!!!!). I feel it kind of sounds like a morph between Gareth and Ummet Ozcan’s sound. If you get lucky, like Justin you get to hear it at a club and text me at 2am telling me the Dj is playing it…

Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller – Rotunda

Well, I guess I would feel pretty bad if I didn’t post some Stoneface and Terminal since they’re here on Sunday, at least their latest release is absolutely killing it for me, oh wait they all do… (did i ever mention that they have the best name also?)

Stoneface & Terminal – Time to Wait

2:08 of the video, super awesome…

Before I go on with the next song, I just want to recommend that you guys check out TiĆ«sto’s new compilation Club Life, Vol. 1 Las Vegas. Got to hand it to him, he morphed his style and I really did not think I’d appreciate it but this CD is really fucking awesome and his recent productions under the alias Allure are decent as well. Unfortunately, there’s just too much music for me to put everything I like up but if you are like me and you’ve got the time, you should really check it out.

Oh well I guess one last video before I get to the awesome upcoming weekend. Here’s a beautiful song for you guys, vocal trance how it should be.

Max Graham – So Caught Up (feat. Neev Kennedy)


So, as I usually end my posts, here are some upcoming events.

Chris Lake, Funkagenda, Dirty South – May  20th @ La Folie               M.I.K.E & Mr. Pit - May 20th @ Circus Afterhours                             

ARMIN VAN BUUREN – May 22nd @ Beach Club                                  Laidback Luke – May 22nd @ SAT                                                      

Ben Gold – May 22nd @ Red-Lite                                               Stoneface and Terminal & Wezz Devall – May 22nd @ Circus Afterhours

So…yeah, holy shit the 22nd is a crazy ass day, depending on the set times, it would be possible to see maybe 3 out of the 4 (conflict between Ben Gold & Stoneface but i haven’t seen S&T yet).  A bit of lameness though, Andy Moor was originally scheduled to play at Circus but got dropped for some reason, which sucks cause he’s been on fire lately.

Andy Moor & M.I.K.E – Spirit’s Pulse

Vangelis – Rachel’s Song (Andy Moor Remix)