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I’m still alive, don’t worry.

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After 2 months without any time to write (school and such), I finally have my march break, giving me time to explain a few things, like what’s going to happen with the blog, what we’ve been up to @ Thehawt lately and when is everything going to happen (you’ll see what I mean).

Don’t forget to check our new writer’s post bellow and also, the Gareth Emery post will be posted in a few days, but the main thing you should know is that it was awesome.

IMG_2252 The first thing I need to mention is about our interview with Super8 and Tab (yes, we’re that awesome). Wei (some asian guy working “backstage”) is presently working on video editing the interview we filmed (a first here!). I don’t have ETA on that, but it’ll be soon enough. The interview was super cool, even though we had a few problems with timing and organization (that were NOT our fault). Let me explain.

So we got to Imperial Room where Super8 and Tab played around 11:30, which was the time their manager told us to be there at. The DJs weren’t there yet and there was a massive line-up with bouncers that were losing their mind because of idiots pushing and drunk girls thinking they could get in without waiting because they have boobs. We talked to the main bouncer and he told us that their “backstage” was really small and that we need to do the interview somewhere else, so he gave us his car keys so we could do the interview in there (it was the Circus Afterhours car, WHAT UP). Guess what? We missed the DJs arrival, so we didn’t get to do an interview in the Circus car! Damn.

I talked to the bouncer again and he told us that they were already inside the club, so he gave us passes and told another bouncer to make us skip lines.

You know that telephone game that we all used to play when we were kids? You know when everyone was in a circle and one person would whisper to the next guy some word and that same guy would then do the same and so on. Well if the word was Passive Menis, it will “transform” into Massive Penis pretty fast. And it’s even worse when there’s a lot of noise and that the word(s) are “They have an interview to do with the DJs, bring them there”. It will probably change to “words words words words words words” and the guy will say “NOOO YOUUU”.

You guessed right… we got inside “faster” than anyone else (we skipped like 5 lines), but it wasn’t fast enough to catch the DJs before their set. They were already playing. I must say, they were amazing. I loved all of the songs they played and all their transitions were neat. They played the “always played song”, On a Metropolis Day, and I like that. Hah.

After a few eargasms, they were done with their set and were heading outside, so we caught them and asked them to do the interview. They looked like they REALLY didn’t want to do it, but they finally told us that we could do the interview in their hotel (Saint-Martin). We told them we would get there when we would get our jackets, but since the club was REALLY unorganized, our friends that were getting our jackets told us that it would take wayyy too long, since girls (fucking idiots.) with boobies were cutting in the fucking line. We decided to take a cab and freeze our balls (it was freezing outside). Blah Blah Blah we got to the Hotel and did the interview. They are super cool guys and they talked a good amount.

After the 15-20 minute interview, we then started debating on the legality of sharing music and how it ruins the scene. We were already thinking about going 90% legal (lol), but they certainly convinced us to make the move now.

A few reasons why I decided to stop sharing music that I don’t own and some explanation will follow after the tracks that were played by Super8 and Tab!Super8 & Tab logo round blackMy favourite song of the night was Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix), by Slusnik Luna. An amazing build up and an amazing drop makes this song… amazing.

Slusnik Luna – Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix) -- iTunesBeatport

The first song Super8 and Tab played (I think), was a remix they did of the song Citadel from Gareth Emery, that will be in his upcoming album “Northen Lights – Re-lit”. I can’t wait for it to be out. Great song, too bad it’s a short preview (almost 3 minutes).

Gareth Emery – Citadel (Super8 and Tab Remix) – Out on March 18th

The song that is always played… On a Metropolis Day. Still awesome.

Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery - On a Good Day (Metropolis) – iTunes - Beatport


Explanation of “what the hell” is happening with the blog:

1- When I first created my blog, I wanted to talk about music I liked, music I wanted to promote, shows, random stuff, etc. etc. It doesn’t make sense to promote artists and then steal their music and give it to everyone. I know sharing is caring, but honestly, fuck that.

2- I receive a few emails a week from underground (or not that underground sometimes) producers about their new records and such. I have the right to share their music (download links), and I will. By going legal, I personally think I will get more emails, since I’ll really be promoting artists instead of simply doing piracy.

3- We will still post songs. That doesn’t mean download links to them, that means Youtube or Soundcloud links for example. I PLAN ON BUYING STORAGE SPACE to be able to put STREAMS to songs VERY SOON. That means you will be able to hear the FULL LENGTH high quality track before going on iTunes or Beatport to buy it (We will give links to these as well). Or if you’re a douche, you can just google it and download it, but I hope you die in hell… or you know… somewhere less fun that paradise, because it has angels (girls with boobs) and angels are hot.

4- We talked to a lot of Record Labels and they all said that we could get a lot more interviews if we stopped sharing music in an illegal way. That means a lot of “real content”, like interviews and exclusive news, etc.

5- We’re starting to get more and more Press Passes and free tickets, meaning we’ll be able to cover more events.

6- We don’t plan on removing a lot of the tracks we already posted, because it would take a lot of time to switch all of them to streams, but we will quickly remove ANY SONG that gets a request for removal.

7- While posting tracks are illegal, Podcasts and Live Sets are not. We will be posting more of that.

8- All of this is happening now.

If I forgot something I’ll just add it later.

I hope most of you guys will still be reading our blog and will keep posting comments. I also hope that you guys understand why this is happening; we were at a point where we had to change, because if we didn’t, labels would just stop talking to us and stop giving us interviews and such. Also, our traffic significantly increased in the past months and our “little community” that was downloading has now grown enough to make us “pirates” instead of “people sharing songs we like”. A few songs have over 8000 downloads, and that’s just plain bad. My mediafire account alone has almost 30 000 downloads at the moment, and I don’t post that often.

I must apologize to every artist that’s losing money because of us, and we will make up for it in the upcoming months with more promotion and such. If you think we’re meanies and want us to promote you, just send me an email at .


To the people that send me their stuff lately (from november up to now):

It WILL get posted after I sort all of this out. That means that it will be in my next post. Sorry for the delay… Again.

First post on the Team!

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skXch here, saying hey to everyone and a big thanks to the Hawt for making me the newest member of the blog team!

As for quick about me, I'm a 19 year old college student from New Orleans, LA. I am a dj and aspiring producer. I'm big into the electro-house, dubstep, dance scene down here and this will be mainly what my posts consist of.
I'll start it off with a song that I absolutely CAN NOT get out of my head. Bare Noize has recently blown my mind! They have been putting out some of the filthiest, yet surprisingly melodic songs that I've heard in a while

Here's "Wonderman"- listen to the whole thing, you'll be glad you did!

Torqux and Twist are another sick dubstep duo I've heard recently.
This one is called "Master Debater."
Ah... the good ol' times- I remember in fourth grade where my teacher caught this kid in the corner......

Pretty sure these guys are playing at ULTRA along with Bare Noize, and EVERYONE else in the EDM genre. By the way guys, Ultra 2011 tickets are officially SOLD OUT. It's going to be a wild ride!!!

Also, for maximum excitement, play this song in your car with the subwoofer booming.
It reminds me of some trip hop like Opiou's Robo booty. hahah

GLITCH HOP! The funkiest dubstep I've ever heard. Wazzapnin!

So I just heard this song today! It's a Frost Raven remix of Builder's Panda style!

Lets just say, when I first heard it, my face looked a little something like this...

Enjoy :)

Panda, signing out..

Québécois Guidos are Called Douchebags



If you listen to Trance music, being picky about which Montreal clubs you like is a given. Circus Afterhours and Stereo are at the top of the pyramid since they welcome nothing but the best on a regular basis. The next tier consists of Red Lite, La Mouche, 1234 (despite all the children) and Muzique (despite the Avicii incident) who also sometimes host big DJs. The final group is awful. These clubs are the places where you’ll most likely be hearing David Guetta and Pitbull collaborations for the next 10 years. La Folie, the club I went to last Friday, February 18th, is beneath all of these. Apart from the absolutely gorgeous coat-check girl, this place is Montreal’s douchebag central. Allow me to explain: for starters, it’s in St-Leonard. This establishment is one of a kind; it houses Montreal’s Jersey Shore community, lots of 40 year-olds in the middle of their mid-life crises and probably the worst interior layout I’ve ever seen. There is a VIP section right in front of the DJ booth with an enormous bodyguard preventing anyone from entering and incidentally, from being able to see what the DJ is doing. Instead, you’re looking straight at a large group of aunts and uncles who are trying to relive the glory days by trading their Centrum Silver and Rogaine for Ed Hardy clothes. The venue neighbors what looks to be an abandoned mattress store and a Zellers, which is probably a better place to have a party. You must be asking yourself, what was I doing in such a sickening place on a Friday night?


Dash Berlin, author of hits such as “Waiting” and “Till The Sky Falls Down,” played a 3-hour set. The reason I had to put down La Folie so much is to show how good Dash Berlin is live. Even with all these nauseating factors in play, I had a terrific night. He started the evening with a sure fire way to get the crowd going, playing his newest hit, “Disarm Yourself".” He played track after track of lyrical Trance, making sure to include his 2 other 2011 releases; his remix of First State’s “Reverie” and of Filo & Peri’s “This Night".” He continued to mix in dance floor hits like Diplo and Tiesto’s “Cmon”, Alexander Popov’s remix of Cosmic Gate’s “Raging” and Gareth Emery’s “Sanctuary.” Needles to say, the man is a master of vocal Trance. One of the highlights of the night was when he displayed his musical versatility by playing an Electro/Dubstep mix of “We are Your Friends".” He ended the night with his classic “Waiting” and the crowd erupted with screams of bliss. Here are his 3 newest tracks along with a video I shot of his remix of “This Night.” Apologies for not being smart enough to turn my iPhone sideways. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Rick Nash?


First State ft. Sarah Howells – Reverie (Dash Berlin Remix)

Filo & Peri ft. Audrey Gallagher – This Night (Dash Berlin Remix)

Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt – Disarm Yourself (Club Mix)

Ok, so I know everyone trashed Deamau5’s new album, but the guy still used to be a very good producer. As Ellis was telling me a couple of days ago, it's hard to forget about track like "Strobe." Play Records has come out with a new compilation called Dirt Hott Vol.2, which features 2 of his older tracks. I knew about “Dr. Funkenstein”, but I had never heard “Vanishing Point” until just today. The track was originally released 3 years ago and includes a lot of the old Deadmau5 style we all knew and loved. Past tense is a bitch.

Deadmau5 – Vanishing Point (Original Mix)

This next track is an original kind of Dubstep. Since all the genre’s music has sounded the same for the past little while, I’ve tried to find others that are attempting to take it in a another direction. Gemini is an artist who is doing just that, leaning away from the generic filth that we keep hearing. It’s not chill Dubstep, I call this clean.

Hadouken! – Oxygen (Gemini Remix)

Porter Robinson temporarily fell off my radar after his smash-hit “Say My Name.” His amazing remix of “Seek Bromance” went by unnoticed and I hadn’t heard his name in months before his newest piece of work. He seems to have such an intricate grasp of Electro and the patented Dubstep wobble which he melds together beautifully with every release. Here is the aforementioned remix and “The Wildcat.”


Porter Robinson – The Wildcat (Original Mix)

Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Porter Robinson Remix)

This next track is featured on Gareth Emery’s most recent podcast. I was never a big Fedde Le Grand fan, but this tune has made me take notice of the Dutchman. This guy is good. I’m not so sure about his buddy though. In my opinion, Patric La Funk is a ridiculous DJ name.

Fedde Le Grand & Patric La Funk – Autosave (Original Mix)

I already have a regret in 2011. I did not go see Sied van Riel when he was in Montreal. I was listening to some of his older stuff today and I could only come to a single conclusion: this guy is amazing. Right now, he is one of my favorite producers. His first release of 2011 hit #1 on Beatport’s Trance chart and his most recent track, a collaboration with Nicole McKenna, is an absolute masterpiece. He warmed up for Cosmic Gate at my first ever Trance show and I clearly remember thinking, during the first half of the German duo’s set, that he was far better than them. It’s unpractical that I write for this blog, because words cannot describe how much I adore these songs, ESPECIALLY “Stealing Time.” There is only one item on my 2011 to-do list: see Sied van Riel live.


Sied van Riel – Mentalism (Original Mix)

Sied van Riel ft. Nicole McKenna – Stealing Time (Original Mix) (very fawking hawt)

Finally, Anjunadeep 03 came out on Monday and the compilation is a formidable one. Although it is much more progressive than regular Anjunabeats releases (hence the “deep”), the tracks are to die for. Check it out here and buy it if you please.

Fuck Treble

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Aight so last Saturday my buddy convinced me to go to see Mt. Eden with him at Theatre Telus and its a good thing I didn’t refuse. First off, opening was sick with Elo!i & Heights followed by Vilify (who’s pretty much at every big dubstep event in Montreal). Mt. Eden turned out to be completely different than I expected, from what I knew of them, they played cool-relaxed dubstep, but they were pumping some sick Chase and Status and some Bare Noize all night, it was crazy. Some good moshing every now in then is good for your system. One thing though is that one of Mt Eden’s members was obsessed with giving the crowd the finger and putting his Jagermeister in the air…

Mt. Eden – Sierra Leone

Chase and Status – Blind Faith (feat. Liam Bailey)                                They played a sick remix I couldn’t find but I still love the original

Miss Jane – It’s a Fine Day (Levitating Elephants Dubstep Remix)             The trance version is sick but when I heard this mix I dropped dead.


Also a lot of tracks I couldn’t find such as a sick remix of Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, a new Starry Eyed Remix (yeah another one) and a remix of Basement Jaxx’s “Where’s Your Head At” that I’ll try and find in a near future.

Aight, now on to some more tunes I’ve been blasting recently (however my beloved earphones broke so I’m currently eBaying the shit out of a few pairs, to no avail so far).

Chase and Status- Fool Yourself (feat. Plan B & Rage)

Muse – Resistance (Spor Remix)

Now for a bit of trance, heard the Stoneface track on TATW I think and the 4 Strings remix has just been played non-stop by pretty much everyone.

Stoneface & Terminal – Here to Stay

Slusnik Luna – Sun (4 Strings Remix)  (Link Removed)

Aight so closing note, Avicii is bringing his badass self to Bal en Blanc and it seems pretty much all set now, unless they got one more surprise for us.

100 Posts Woot-Woot!


Aight so today’s post is a very special one: Not only are we writing while playing Xbox with some Cheetos & rum at 3 am, it’s also the 100th  post on the HAWT (EDIT: we started writing this then, and then got too into owning Justin). So we decided it was a good time to look back on some classic tunes, all of the following are reposts.

Starry Eyed Surprise (Jakwob Remix) – Ellie Goulding                                Still one of my favourites after all this time

Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) – Kid Sister                                                 Pretty much a song that got many of us started on dubstep.

Exposure – Gareth Emery                                                                    This song is so good, it made Justin love trance, even Will admitted it “isn’t bad”. That’s Right!

A Juicy Intro (Ha-Yes! Mashup) – Notorious B.I.G. vs. The XX                  Already with the epic sound of Intro, Biggie’s lyrics just made it the shit.

One – Swedish House Mafia                                                                   I mean, come on…

Pacha On Acid – Afrojack                                                                     Started to hear this song everywhere after it was posted. I think the Hawt deserves all the credit really…

Pon de Floor (Diplo Rap Remix) – Diplo

Love – Borogre                                                                                   A track with lyrics we can all enjoy and chant out loud

Dynamik – Michael Woods

Ferry Corsten Set at Bal en Blanc.                                                Possibly one of the best  sets any of us has heard. Period. 

Aight so we’ve had a lot of good times, you know laughing at Justin and all, but it pretty much pales in comparison to Fred “fight” with Ultra Records which basically ended with this. GTFO!

Oh and like no post is complete without a picture, here’s a classic:



I Can’t Think of a Title so Imagine a Cool One and Credit Me With It

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In the spirit of being cool, I’ve decided to start off the post the way Gareth started his podcast a few weeks back with a crushing track by Dada Life.

White Noise Red Meat – Dada Life

I Will be the Same (feat. Emma Hewitt ) – Gareth Emery

image                        Snapping Alligator Turtle is without a doubt the badass animal of the day, i mean, look at him, it’s like if the Hulk, Batman and a tank fused into one being then got turned into an animal.

Next remix is from John O’Callaghan and, for what he lacks in hair, he makes up for in skill. Check out the original to, it’s massive.

Melt to the Ocean (John O’Callaghan Remix) – Cosmic Gate                  How fucking wonderful it is to see a big ball of fire… melt to the ocean

Gotta love all these Cosmic Gate remixes being released with their Back 2 the Future album release. Speaking of Cosmic Gate, they recently announced their presence at Bal en Blanc in April. I could hardly be more excited for this event (except if Afrojack and/or Ferry got announced obviously). We are currently looking at Above & Beyond, Tiësto, Ben Gold, Cosmic Gate.. oh and did I forget Markus Schulz? That’s right! Markus Schulz! Missing a couple of people in the Main room (house room), my bet is on Deadmau5 being booked.

Alright so next main event is lining up to be Paul van Dyk in a couple of  weeks. However, I understand that he isn’t super well known to most of you so I’ll try to post a couple of his songs in the near future. For now, this is something i found on the Armada list that kept me from listening in class today.

10 in 01 (Paul van Dyk Club Mix) – Members of Mayday

Few remixes including a really chill one of a trance classic by Mt. Eden, only reason that i found it is because of some hater on YouTube that referenced it as being shit… Thank you closed minded trance fans that say that trance isn’t good anymore and nothing is good nowadays anyways! But let us not get carried away, there’s also a great Schossow remix and a Oliver Smith remix that eclipses the original (that’s right, the original was NOT that good).

Zara (Oliver Smith Remix) - Arty

The Greater Good (Marcus Schossow Remix) – Judge Jules

Saltwater (Mt. Eden Remix) – Chicane

One last thing, although we hate the place with a passion (see Justin’s past epic rant) we are going to try and go see Ingrosso on February 6th at Muzique as a Superbowl afterparty if anyone is interested. Also we wouldn’t want to miss Muzique getting “fucked in the pussy”…