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Okay so this post got deleted again... but it doesn't have a fucking link. I'm mad right now because I think this is bullshit. How the hell am I doing something illegal right now. You judge. Whatever. Fuck you Blogger and ULTRA Records. And have a nice day: I save my posts now.

Old Post:

Okay. Yeah, Okay. So after getting attacked by Blogger AND freaking mediafire (add Deadmau5's disc company) I can get my post back up. They attacked my 50-ish user blog but they don't care about the big ass blogs out there that have the album (the upcoming one) up. Yeah okay. So I can't post any links because I don't want this post freaking removed, AGAIN. Like I said in the post that got deleted, I have the album that is going to be out soon and it's really freaking awesome if you like Deadmau5. His upcoming world tour is going to be for the new album. Its name is going to be For Lack of A Better Name and will be released (officially) around the 22nd of september. Here is the tracklisting (WITHOUT LINKS, HAI.).

1. Deadmau5 - FML (6:35)
2. Deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts n Stuff (4:30)
3. Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire) (3:14)
4. Deadmau5 - Hi Friend! (5:14)
5. Deadmau5 - Bot (5:22)
6. Deadmau5 - Word Problems (7:48)
7. Deadmau5 - Soma (6:07)
8. Deadmau5 - Lack Of A Better Name (6:58)
9. Deadmau5 - The 16th Hour (9:29)
10. Deadmau5 - Strobe (10:37)

Deadmau5's goal with this album is to show the world he can do more than one style of song. He has some tracks that sound exactly like his last album's style, but some others like FML have a brand new one. You know it's Deadmau5, but at the same time you don't. He also added some already known songs like Word Problems, Moar Ghosts n Stuff, Ghosts n Stuff, Hi Friend! and Lack of A Better Name. Of course they are new versions but we (most of us) still know what they sound like. The good thing about Ghosts n Stuff is the added voice that makes it awesome. You'll see when it's going to be out, or if you decide to surf the web to get it. Like I said earlier in the post, I can't link any files, I'm sorry. I don't want problems AGAIN.

Buy the single Lack of A Better Name here right now. (iTunes link)

Link to the 1 hour mix: Rawr. (Changed to a direct link, for some reason it doesn't work with my version of Internet Explorer but it works with Opera or Firefox)

To listen to it only (works with Internet Explorer): Go here and scroll down until you find a list of DJs with "Play" beside it and find Deadmau5.

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