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Back But Broken

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Ok, so I haven't been present for a while. Please excuse me but I had way too much to do to even spend 10 minutes on my computer. Luckily for you followers, I happened to break my leg at a competition last weekend. This means that I will have WAYYYYY too much free time and some of it will be spent bringing you some sick musik.

Alright, so those who like D & B, listen up! Pendulum has a new album called Immersion and it's out of this world. Seriously, it's more addictive than crack (yum....crack!). I can't stop listening to it and I believe my ear-drum might just explode.

This album features a couple of pretty awesome artists (knowing how well Pendulum collaborates with others) that make those songs even sicker! These include In Flames, Liam H & Steve Wilson.

On top of it, during my time as a cripple, I've been listening to a lot of oldschool Prodigy. It gets my heart beating a little (something that happens very rarely due to the fact that i spend 13 hours a day in front of the tv pitying myself). I thought you might enjoy this.

The Prodigy - Out of Space

The Prodigy - Omen

WOOHOO!The Prodigy are f**ked up

To Infinity and Beyond

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Well, just to make it official, cats are probably the most badasses of animals in the history of animals. I was at the vet today and my cat when crazy, instead of staying back and defending himself when people got close, he went out and attacked everyone, he made me so proud. But anyways, back to the subject.


So, as it seems to have become a habit of mine, a new post means that there are some sick shows coming up. Just when I think I’ve got my summer figured out and that I’ll stop spending money, I find five shows I need to go to. It’s so sad that its great…if that makes any sense.

The first gig i want to mention is this Friday night at Red-Lite. Markus Schulz (who was great Bal en Blanc) is here to promote his new album. Although I haven’t listen to it all, the tracks that I’ve heard are beast and Armin seems to love it also so you know its good.

Perception (feat. Justine Suissa) – Markus Schulz

Do You Dream (Uplifting Vocal Mix) – Markus Schulz

Rain – Markus Schulz (I seem to like every track that shares this name)

Even though most of you guys have plans for Friday already, the beauty of afterhours is that the concert starts around 2:00 am and the Dj arrives around 4ish.

Alright this second show really excites me and I really don’t want to miss it. It’s crazy duo Cosmic Gate and last time they were around, I decided to go see Calvin Harris and Laidback Luke instead and although fun, I was kind of out of it… But anyways these guys are really sick in my opinion.  They play, once again at Red-Lite, on July 30th.


Clockwork (Cosmic Gate Remix) – Deadmau5

Exploration of Space – Cosmic Gate

The Wave – Cosmic Gate

Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix) – Tiësto

Aight so I hope you all enjoy and be sure to let me know if you want to go, concerts alone really aren’t that fun.

Hi, My Name is Deadmau5 and I Approve this Music


As a producer/DJ, you've got to be careful about what you endorse, if not to destroy your own name. Deadmau5's reputation is certainly untouched, even maybe improved with the DJ he recently promoted. Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex, just released an EP called My Name is Skrillex. I'm completely blown away by this guy's skills. You probably don't recognize his name. I'm relatively certain that I'm not the only one who's never heard of him. Diamond in the rough en esti. Considering this is the first most of us have heard of him, every single song on this release is great. Ok maybe the first 5, I'm not a fan of the last one. I can't wait to see how big this guy is going to become. I think everyone who reads this blog knows how much pull Deadmau5 has in the world of electronic music.
Without further a due, here is the link to his EP. The filetypes are .m4a, so just add them to your iTunes and the music will play.

My Name is Skrillex

Heres his EP's Youtube promotional video.

This is sort of a short post, so here are a few more tracks before I go.

In my opinion, Doctor P's follow up to Sweet Shop has been pretty weak, considering how awesome the song is. Will this remix launch him back into the dubstep spotlight?

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Sick Tonight (Doctor P Remix)

Why has this Tiesto remix not been posted yet? Amazing song, you should have seen this on the site a long time ago.

Muse - Resistance (Tiesto Remix)

And finally, last but not least, here is another Tiesto song to get everyone psyched for the 18th of July. Is it weird to promote an event you won't be attending?

Tiesto - Louder Than Boom (Extended Mix)

Got anything planned for La Saint-Jean? Gareth Emery at Circus. Only 15$. Need I say more? Once again props to Ellis.


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Last time I posted, I talked about SOLO working on a mix… well he released it the next day. There’s a lot of cool shit in his mix, like a “Vocal Remix” of Sweet Shop (it’s LEGEND… ARY). Check the tracklist to find it.

SOLO is known for adding vocals to every dubstep song he can, and he basically put together all the best tunes he remixed into a big mix. Enjoy!


DJ SOLO - Hated In The Nation by DJ SOLO


“This is my new concept album/mixtape/EP which contains all original DJ SOLO bootlegs, re-edits, and remixes, along with 5 original rap tracks over dubstep, drum n bass, and hip-hop, and is "hosted" from beyond the grave by the most hated outlaw punk rocker himself...GG Allin!! The goal of this mix, other than to be fun and entertaining, is to draw a clear line in the sand between what used to be considered "dubstep" and the newer hardcore style that has now evolved into something that the original dubstep fans cannot identify with and for the most part, downright HATE. I want to open the doors for hardcore bass music of all genres including dubstep, DnB, electro, and Hip-Hop, to be united without it being subject to someone else's rules and standards. This ain't your father's dubstep...this is BASS PUNK!”


01. So Vexed (DJ SOLO Meth Lab Edit) - Funtcase x Crissy Criss
02. Ghost Train (feat. DJ SOLO) - Datsik (Mechano)
03. Inspector Toast Fucking Says Fuck You (DJ SOLO Edit) - Diesel x Lily Allen
04. Lounge Act 2.5 (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Tek-One x Nirvana
05. Shuttin' Down The Sweet Shop (DJ SOLO Mega-Leg):
a) Sweet Box - DJ SOLO
b) Sweet Shop (Moskas Curved Remix)
c) Sweet Shop (Robzords and Damo Remix)
06. Drop It Like B-More Bam Bam (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Snoop Dogg x DJ Fashen
07. Chicago Mobster Dance (feat. DJ SOLO) - Doctor P (Rasputin's Gold)
08. Love (That's What She Said feat. DJ SOLO) - Borgore
09. Starman (DJ SOLO Anunnaki Bootleg) - Tek-One x David Bowie
10. High Plains Drifter (Manson Family Remix feat. DJ SOLO x3) - Beastie Boys
11. Sandman Raving On Molly (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Cookie Monsta x Metallica x Beastie Boys
12. Bass Punx! (feat. DJ SOLO) - Steppa & Kitcha (Let's Go Get Em)
13. My Story (Interlude feat. DJ SOLO) - Black Sabbath
14. I Used To Love Her (Fuck Hip-Hop feat. DJ SOLO) - Free The Robots (Orion's Belt Buckle)
15. Gold and A Pager (feat. DJ SOLO) - Cool Kids
16. Punk Rockers At The Circle K (DJ SOLO Bootleg)- Trolley Snatch x Iggy Pop
17. Forgot About Tainted Dreams (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Chrispy x Soft Cell x Eurythmics x Eminem
18. Kiss Me I'm Polish (DJ SOLO Remix)- DJ SOLO x Eddie Blazonczyk


So yesterday I DJed with some insane speakers. It was fun. I mean LEGENDARY. People seemed to like what I played (house music oh damn) and they were pretty pumped until about 3:30 AM when cops came to say hi.

I know I’m corrupted… but I think house music can sometimes be good. David Guetta proves it every time he releases a track and this time he teamed up with Kelly Rowland to produce a great tune. This track is the one people enjoyed the most yesterday (play it loud).

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland – Commander (Extended Dance Mix)

I finally got to listen to LAZERPROOF (a collaboration between Major Lazer, La roux and other artists like Gucci Mane). I have to say it wasn’t that amazing, but some of the tracks were really cool remixes. Sadly, a couple remixes are just mashups that don’t fit that well together, but oh well! Here is my favorite track included in the mixtape. Grab the full mixtape on

Major Lazer and La Roux - I'm Not Your Lemonade + Heroes n Villans Remix ft. Gucci Mane


Hawt Summer Incoming

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A lot of new songs are coming out and I think I need to share the good ones with you guys. The “Almost Summer” top5 is out of date and it’s time for new tracks.

First of all, Kabz and SOLO released some new stuff a couple days/weeks ago and they are worth mentioning. Kabz released a new mix (more filthy dubstep!) and SOLO released a track. For more info on KABZ click HERE and for mroe info on SOLO click HERE.

HEEEAAAVVVYYY DUB - Glitchstep by DJ KaBz (Click the link for the tracklist) Ghost Train (feat. DJ SOLO) - Datsik by DJ SOLO

Solo is working on a mix right now and he is also working on a collaboration with your favorite writer, me. It should be out in a couple weeks! We’re remixing an emo song. There should be two versions, one wobbly and more dubstepish, and another one that is less wobbly and more “regular”. I’ll post both of them as soon as we’re done.

Also, make sure you check both’s soundcloud, there’s a lot of fun stuff on there, like a remix of Borgore’s “Love”. SOLO’s page - KABZ’ page


Alright, time for the top5.

I think it would be great to start with some club music (even though I’m not a big fan of traditional clubs). Most of you probably know this song since it’s been out for a while now, but it’s still very hot club-wise, and if you understand french, it’s pretty funny.

#4- Helmutz Fritz – Ça m’énerve (Club Mix)


Then let’s follow up with two fucking massive bangers (like huge, like I mean like you know, like HUGE like you know my what, like yeah I’m that type of guy, deal with it). ESTOY RICO (no it doesn’t mean I’m rich, it means I’m delicious). Anyways… David Guetta and Sidney Samson up in this bitch. Put your sexiest panties and start dancing (girls only, please).

#2- Madonna – Revolver (David Guetta Extended Mix)

#1- David Guetta & Chris Willis Feat. Fergie & LMFAO - Gettin' Over You (Sidney Samson Remix)

Obviously, a top5 wouldn’t be a real top5 without dubstep. Two pretty refreshing tracks, but before I say anything, I don’t like Lady Gaga, but Rusko is amazing.

#5- Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Rusko's Papuseria Remix)

Here is the first real remix that I love of a Rusko track. Sub Focus delivers.

#3- Rusko – Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)


BONUS: I came across this remix the other day and it’s pretty neat! Woot woot.

Ludacris - How Low (J.Lindley Dubstep Remix)


From New York with Love


Aight aight, so I’m back from NY and I’m getting pretty bored. Turns out, having nothing to do gets boring pretty fast, especially when you're away from your computer and more importantly, your source of new music. But now that that is all behind me, the future seems relatively bright, part from all those hours that will be spent at my job.

Ok so about the bright future I mentioned, turns out Gareth Emery is coming to Montreal June 23rd in what is, my opinion a very underpublicized event, I mean it isn’t every day that you get to see one of the World’s top ten Djs for under 20$. Most definitely worth the two hours of salary if you ask me.


So far I’ve only posted  Exposure but here are a couple more beast tracks.

On a Metropolis Day – Gareth Emery vs. Oceanlab (Myon and Shane 54 Mashup)

So this is pretty much a super track, this is what happens when you have Gareth, Above & Beyond’s project Oceanlab and finally mashup specialists Myon and Shane 54 teaming to form one track.

Global – Gareth Emery

One of his most recent productions, in the same lines as Exposure. Sorry about the start, it was ripped from Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance.

This is That Silence – Gareth Emery vs. Delerium (Black Army Mashup)

Okay so you have Delerium’s epic Silence mashed into Emery’s This is That and when you listen to them separately, you know this mash was meant to be. Super vocals by Sarah McLachlan (never thought I’d say that).

Metaverse – Dj Orkidea (Gareth Emery Remix)

Just good to chill to.

Aight so one other crazy thing caught my attention but this one is so crazy it’s out of this world, the line-up alone shames Bal en Blanc. It’s called Electric Zoo and its taking place in New York.


Alright so like I mentioned, the lineup is beyond insane, they say that it is headlined by Chemical Brothers and Armin van Buuren but that only because Americans are shameful promoters, for this venue anyways. It goes like this:

Day 1 - September 4th

The Chemical Brothers, Paul Van Dyk (who should headline because of his awesomness),Benny Benassi, Richie Hawtin, ATB, Major Lazer, Kaskade.

Day 2 - September 5th

Armin van Buuren (a must see),  John Digweed, Fedde Le Grand, Above & Beyond (must see también), Boys Noize, Bassnectar.

Also that weekend: Diplo, Laidback Luke, Afrojack, Gareth Emery, A-Track, Markus Schultz, Rusko, Steve Aoki & more!

Road trip anyone?

Long Overdue


Additional writers was supposed to mean additional and more frequent posts. Yet, its been almost two weeks since anyone has written anything. We should consider a rotation of some sort.

Lately, I've been trying to diversify within the different types of electronic music that I listen to. It feels sort of weird to go from a high energy house track to some relaxing trance, but Gareth Emery is great. Seriously, Exposure is amazing and he has lots of other awesome tracks too (Props to Ellis).

So in my quest for diversity, I stumbled upon a Montreal based DJ by the name of Geoff Buchanan. He was introduced to me by a musically gifted friend of mine who is going to win Canadian Idol next year. Geoff is a 21 year old guy from Quebec who started his music career by performing in a few metal bands. He fell in love with synthesizing sounds and manipulating them to his liking. This is what he claims played the biggest role in propelling him towards dubstep. Don't be surprised if you don't hear too many wobbles in his songs. Geoff is an innovator in the sense that he tries to distance himself from the genre as he welcomes the "experimental" adjective that is often attributed to his tunes. I encourage his experiments, because as you guys will soon hear, his style is very entertaining and refreshing. He recently released a four track EP called Fashion Crasher under Monkey Dub Recordings, a record label which also employs Man of Zion and Dub Junkies.

This first track is from his EP and is my favorite of the four.
Heads You Live by Geoff Buchanan

This one is called Molotov

Now THIS is experimental dubstep
Liquid Cocaine by Geoff Buchanan

Feel free to check out Geoff's myspace, soundcloud, youtube channel and personal website for more.

In addition to awesome new styles of dubstep, I've got more tracks.

This kid from South Africa is only 18 years old and has provided me with the dirtiest stuff I've heard in a long time. Try to guess where the dialogue is from.

Gas Mask - Skare (Updated 2010)

This is a new Dizzee Rascal track. I'm not a big fan of rap, but I love this guy. The dubstepish background beat makes this song very enjoyable.

Heavy - Dizzee Rascal ft. Chase & Status

This tune is from a German duo named Hey Today!. They sound a lot like Boys Noize, a German counterpart. Coincidence? I do not think so.

Toasted - Hey Today! (Original Mix)

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Jeffer - Boys Noize

One more thing: if you live in the Montreal area and you would like to see Geoff live, send us an e-mail and we will let you know about his upcoming performances.