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Hey people. We went to Igloofest last week and that shit was fucking nuts. They finally changed it to 18+ so people were actually very drunk and gone for the most part (better vibeee, lawl). The DJs were amazing, the crowd was amazing and the beer wasn’t too bad either.

Here was the setlist:

Living Stone (Dubstep)

Noisia (Drum and Bass)

LA Riots (Hard House kind of)

Renaissance Man (Hard “bongo” House kind of)


Long story short, Noisia was really good and his drum and bass really rocked the place, but LA Riots were the night’s All Stars. The crowd went MAD with them mixing stuff. They played most tracks that people wanted to hear which is nice. Renaissance man WOULD’VE BEEN AWESOME IF SOME IDIOT DIDNT STEAL MY HAT RIGHT BEFORE THEY STARTED. Yes some fucking idiot actually took my purple Igloofest hat right off my head and I couldn’t find him because it was so packed. Sigh… So I got pissed and didn’t really enjoy Renaissance Man. I’m pretty sure they rocked the place though, I love their tracks. Awesome night, people that didn’t go really missed something.


To summarize what’s coming up next Friday night…


Yes, Rusko is coming to Igloofest, so YOU SHOULD GO SEE HIM. WHY? Because 12$ for Rusko is almost as good as MSTRKRFT for 5$ 2 years ago. Rusko is amazing, check THIS post for a track and get another one in the links posted beeeee-low. He’s pretty much one of the biggest influences in Dubstep. He’s pretty big in the UK and well known around the blog “scene” (I hate that word, sounds like emo). Here is some dubstep for you to get ready for next Friday (29th). Check the Facebook event HERE. Enjoy the good stuff.


Ginuwine - Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix)

The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)

X & Hell - Jump The Gun (Jakwob Remix) (removed)


(These 3 tracks are very, very good if you like dubstep, they all deserve a very fawking hawt tag)

Igloofest Roundup!

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We went to Igloofest a second time on the 29th because we could not miss RUSKO and King Cannibal. (Extra info: with the wind, it was –35 Celcius outside, that’s like –40F)
Even though it was fawking freezing, it was TOTALLY worth it. We got drunk in a McDonalds and sneaked in a couple things for the show. (Awesome start) And then… Rusko started his set. The crowd went MAD and people started jumping around like they didn’t care every time he would change song/there would be a drop. Rusko did amazing; he played a lot of exclusive tracks that aren’t out yet (I got my hands on one! :D) and they were amazing. I think he’s going to release them on MadDecent if you wanted to know… To listen to samples, go on his myspace HERE (
King Cannibal did really good too, playing some of the darkest songs out there with extreme wobble wobbles. The crowd was already wild because of Rusko, and he helped keeping that wildness alive. I didn’t get to listen to all of his set because we left a little bit before the end (insanely crowded metros and buses aren’t my cup of tea), but from what I heard, he was good (not as good as Rusko but hey, he was playing AFTER Rusko so the crowd had big expectations).
It’s actually hard to describe how that night was, since it was so fawking insane, so I’ll let you a couple tracks you can blast in your earphones or your car (hoping you put it loud enough to feel how it was at Igloofest… oh wait you can’t!).
Lucky lucky you… Here are 7 amazing tracks!
Doctor P – Sweet Shop (REMOVED)
Excision, Datsik – Swagga
JAYOU - Crack Hands (Genetic Crew Remix) (REMOVED)
Rusko - Cockney Thug (Original Mix)
Rusko - Come Ere And Say That ---> (Hide and Seek remix)
Rusko - Da Cali Anthem (NONEWYORK Funky Refix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix) (removed by request)
Overall, Igloofest was a success this year! Good DJs, awesome crowds and “good” temperatures…… yeahhh okay. Can’t wait for Piknic √Člectronik in a couple months! (equivalent of Igloofest… summer version!)

I'm Back!

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So, for all those who care (noone) my trip was INSANE! Considering this, I am still recovering. Hence this post having very little amount of text but some really good music. This includes some french lyrics, an awesome new group called We Love Machines and some good dancing music. Enjoy!

Broke One -You Have To Move(Elektropusher Remix)

Sacre de L'ete - We Love Machines

Electric Shock - We Love Machines

Comme Ci Comme Ca - The Twelves Remix version 2

Our Time - Ocelot

Get Fucked, Go Pro.

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Happy New Year (late), I wish you guys a lot of alcohol, blunts and music.


I’ve been looking around for new-ish tracks lately and I found some good tracks that can really start a party. Talking about parties… I hope you guys had some great New Year’s eve parties, because I did. Everybody was pretty drunk… too bad we can’t even compete with how Will is drunk right now. He’s at this Ski Trip (more like a “getting fucked bigtime” fest) and that’s why he didn’t post lately (that’s my guess).


Now with the important stuff. I found the first track while listening to some late November live set from Crookers. It’s some pretty great beat so enjoy it. I admit though that the voice gets irritating at one point, but the track is still great. The second track is from Hollertronix #10 on Maddecent. It’s some good “boom boom boom boom”, I’d say it’s danceable after 10 shots of Jack though. The next two tracks are some “almost pop” music. One is a remix (very very good remix) of my favorite “let’s modify the lyrics” track and the second is just some LMFAO from 25 million years ago. Get Fucked, Go Pro.

Bart B More - Make Some Noise (Nadastrom Rework)

The Partysquad – Rage (Original Mix)

Rihanna - Umbrella (Vandalism Remix)


Hope you like this picture, I did (modified) it myself! I’M A BIG KID NOW.