Hey people. We went to Igloofest last week and that shit was fucking nuts. They finally changed it to 18+ so people were actually very drunk and gone for the most part (better vibeee, lawl). The DJs were amazing, the crowd was amazing and the beer wasn’t too bad either.

Here was the setlist:

Living Stone (Dubstep)

Noisia (Drum and Bass)

LA Riots (Hard House kind of)

Renaissance Man (Hard “bongo” House kind of)


Long story short, Noisia was really good and his drum and bass really rocked the place, but LA Riots were the night’s All Stars. The crowd went MAD with them mixing stuff. They played most tracks that people wanted to hear which is nice. Renaissance man WOULD’VE BEEN AWESOME IF SOME IDIOT DIDNT STEAL MY HAT RIGHT BEFORE THEY STARTED. Yes some fucking idiot actually took my purple Igloofest hat right off my head and I couldn’t find him because it was so packed. Sigh… So I got pissed and didn’t really enjoy Renaissance Man. I’m pretty sure they rocked the place though, I love their tracks. Awesome night, people that didn’t go really missed something.


To summarize what’s coming up next Friday night…


Yes, Rusko is coming to Igloofest, so YOU SHOULD GO SEE HIM. WHY? Because 12$ for Rusko is almost as good as MSTRKRFT for 5$ 2 years ago. Rusko is amazing, check THIS post for a track and get another one in the links posted beeeee-low. He’s pretty much one of the biggest influences in Dubstep. He’s pretty big in the UK and well known around the blog “scene” (I hate that word, sounds like emo). Here is some dubstep for you to get ready for next Friday (29th). Check the Facebook event HERE. Enjoy the good stuff.


Ginuwine - Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix)

The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)

X & Hell - Jump The Gun (Jakwob Remix) (removed)


(These 3 tracks are very, very good if you like dubstep, they all deserve a very fawking hawt tag)

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