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Yes I stole this from my friend.

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Alright so, yeah. Read the title and think for two seconds: "What the eff did he stole?" and then remember that you're on a freaking music blog. BINGO! YOU'RE A GENIUS, STARSHINE. Yes I stole my friend's music (well, his founds). He may start posting on TheHawt too, so I hope you like his musical preferences: I do.

I'll now explain in this wall of text what, why and how I stole his ideas. It was on a sunny day/night (what the hell) and he said "HEY MAN I DO YOU KNOW ABOUT DADA LIFE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" and like a retard I answered "The movement?" (google Dada if you don't know about dadaism). I'm telling you, my friend is a pro in not making me feel bad about my retardness, he just sent me a link to Dada Life's August Mix, and I'm telling you, this is hot hot, hot, HOT stuff. They pretty much did a mix of EXACTLY what I felt like listening/having sex to. From Sharooz to Boys Noize, trespassing on Deadmau5 and Dj Mehdi's lawns, you have here a mix of dirty basslines and groovy music. It never ends... I mean, it does after 48 minutes, but your head doesn't want to believe it. During these 48 minutes, the dirty electro never stops, it just doesn't. Another good point: some of the vocals are really badass. Here is a link to the mix (not hosted by me/my hosting services) and their website with other mixes (other months' mixes, duh).

Mix - Website - Myspace - I Love you.

I can't believe I didn't really know about Dada Life (of course I had their Happy Hands and Happy Feet single, but I never bothered looking into their other songs), so I'll keep spamming you with more information about them. Their new album is supposed to come out around the 8th of september if I can remember well. It will be entitled "Just Do the Dada" and it's (like some other person said on MASSIVE. Yes I said that word for a reason. It's awesome, I love it. Dada Life found the balance between dirty basslines and vocals, without sounding like the well known electronic sound of "my car is not starting". I don't know if I'm allowed to post this but whatever. Here are a couple songs for you to listen and enjoy.

On a sidenote... Robots will rule the world one day... and they will be African. (what the hell) Simian Mobile Disco's new album, "Temporary Pleasure", is a nice piece of art, mixing some electronic sounds to the groove of some bongos/feel of bongos. The "Beeps" you can hear are just awesome: you'll see/hear/whatever/ihateu. I personally love these two songs so I hope you do too, if not... you're a baddie.

Then my last artist of this post (because I didn't want to post the new David Guetta's songs, since they are freaking everywhere... They'll maybe be in another post, I like being late) is Sharooz. Who? What? Why? Yeah, Sharooz. He does awesome tracks and for some reason that I know he isn't well known. YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE NOT WELL KNOWN? IT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVE LIKE 1 TRACK THAT IS ON THE INTERNET: WHAT'S UP. Don't get me wrong though... I love his music. His new track "Adrenalize" is not even on Beatport, so I ripped it from Youtube, but the bitrate is TERRIBLE (8 instead of 320...), can't wait for it to be buy-able. It has some pretty dirty bassline (I know: I said dirty basslines alot in this post... oh well cuty pie: deal with it) that is enjoyable to listen at. Talking about DIRTY BASSLINES, here is the original version of Get Off (I posted a remix in an earlier post) that I think, is INSANE.

WARNING: This could be dangerous or bad for your car's speakers (mostly Get Off since the other has bad bitrate).

Sharooz - Adrenalize (TERRIBLE QUALITY, here is the Youtube link that has good quality: ROARRRR.)

Oh, by the way, sorry for being slow on posts, I had alot of stuff happening lately (my bday, parties, college starting, girlfriend <3, ...

New Stuff Weeee.

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Well then: New shtuff. Like what? Jakwob. Yes, this dubstep DJ that got featured on BBC Radio 1 a couple times but no one knows about him yet. I already posted a song from him that is really amazing (Starry Eyed). So if you didn't listen to it yet, do it now because it's pretty much an awesome song, really. Download it Here. Jakwob remixed some artists and made their songs better (at least in my opinion he did). So here are three songs.

The first one (Everyday from Killa Kela) is a well known one, because it has been on Hypem charts for 2 weeks at least... Every DJ remixed it. I would call it a "chill" song, because it's not some big head banging track where you just want to go nuts and run everywhere yelling to the world how much that song is effed up "mang", but it's a pretty awesome track still.

The second one (The Fear - Lilly Allen) wasn't too popular yet (the remix that is) but it's my personal favorite. It's a little more "head banging" while still staying a calm song. You can easily recognize Jakwob's style in there (soft and then the heavy bassline starts). I love it.

And the third one is a remixed version of M.I.A. 's Pull up the Poo. I don't LOVE it but I still enjoy listening to it. I never really adored M.I.A. anyways. It's sounds more like some classic dubstep to be honnest, but still is groovy.

Killa Kela - Everyday (Jakwob Remix)

Lilly Allen - The Fear (Jakwob Remix)

M.I.A. - Pull up the Poo (Jakwob Remix)

Alright so enough with Jakwob and his amazing dubstep.

Some call him the "American Version of Justice", I think he's awesome, but not like Justice yet. Here is Richie Beretta. He released his new track Nitefist not too long ago and it's pretty amazing and very groovy: you'll like it. Then there is his Let it Rock remix that I like, still extremely groovy. You'll recognize some kind of Justice style in his tracks, but more in the drum set he uses. The hi-hat sometimes sounds like Justice's. What I like in his tracks is the fact they are well made and complete. The synth is nice and usually is the "good" one, the one you would like to hear for that kind of song. May your ears have fun:

Richie Beretta - Nitefist

Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock (Richie Beretta mix)

I'll now present Loot and Plunder, from south Australia. Yes, Australia, not Africa. The "band" is composed of 2 DJs and guess what they make... MASHUPS! They are kind of like Super Mash Bros but more electro-based. I have two mashups for you guys that you should enjoy. It's the kind of music that makes you want to bang your head everywhere and go nuts (if you have monster speakers). They like good music: they like Crookers. Good.

Axwell & Splack Pack - I Found You (Loot & Plunder feat Hank Edit)

Crookers & Ying Yang Twins - Ain't Looking For A Bush (Junior & Second Letter's Party Banga)

Then there is a remixed version of The Sounds - No One Sleeps When I'm Awake, by Vikings. Like many DJs seem to do now, it sounds like MSTRKRFT at some point, but hey, MSTRKRFT is good so who cares. It has the same synth (similar) but a different drumset so it's still good and... almost unique. I like it.

The Sounds - No One Sleeps When Im Awake (VIKING remix)

My soft song of the day was remixed by Mike Snow, that is on fire these days, with his 25000000 remixes on all the blogs. This track is calm and enjoyable to listen at; don't play it a t a club though because people will leave. Hah. I like it.

Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Mike Snow Remix)

fawk you blogger and ULTRA Records

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Okay so this post got deleted again... but it doesn't have a fucking link. I'm mad right now because I think this is bullshit. How the hell am I doing something illegal right now. You judge. Whatever. Fuck you Blogger and ULTRA Records. And have a nice day: I save my posts now.

Old Post:

Okay. Yeah, Okay. So after getting attacked by Blogger AND freaking mediafire (add Deadmau5's disc company) I can get my post back up. They attacked my 50-ish user blog but they don't care about the big ass blogs out there that have the album (the upcoming one) up. Yeah okay. So I can't post any links because I don't want this post freaking removed, AGAIN. Like I said in the post that got deleted, I have the album that is going to be out soon and it's really freaking awesome if you like Deadmau5. His upcoming world tour is going to be for the new album. Its name is going to be For Lack of A Better Name and will be released (officially) around the 22nd of september. Here is the tracklisting (WITHOUT LINKS, HAI.).

1. Deadmau5 - FML (6:35)
2. Deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts n Stuff (4:30)
3. Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire) (3:14)
4. Deadmau5 - Hi Friend! (5:14)
5. Deadmau5 - Bot (5:22)
6. Deadmau5 - Word Problems (7:48)
7. Deadmau5 - Soma (6:07)
8. Deadmau5 - Lack Of A Better Name (6:58)
9. Deadmau5 - The 16th Hour (9:29)
10. Deadmau5 - Strobe (10:37)

Deadmau5's goal with this album is to show the world he can do more than one style of song. He has some tracks that sound exactly like his last album's style, but some others like FML have a brand new one. You know it's Deadmau5, but at the same time you don't. He also added some already known songs like Word Problems, Moar Ghosts n Stuff, Ghosts n Stuff, Hi Friend! and Lack of A Better Name. Of course they are new versions but we (most of us) still know what they sound like. The good thing about Ghosts n Stuff is the added voice that makes it awesome. You'll see when it's going to be out, or if you decide to surf the web to get it. Like I said earlier in the post, I can't link any files, I'm sorry. I don't want problems AGAIN.

Buy the single Lack of A Better Name here right now. (iTunes link)

Link to the 1 hour mix: Rawr. (Changed to a direct link, for some reason it doesn't work with my version of Internet Explorer but it works with Opera or Firefox)

To listen to it only (works with Internet Explorer): Go here and scroll down until you find a list of DJs with "Play" beside it and find Deadmau5.


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Alright, I'm 10 days late. But who cares when it's to anounce the upcoming album... of Boys Noize? It got announced last week on Boys Noize's blog. The name is going to be Power and will have 12 awesome tracks. It should be out around September 25th. Here is the tracklisting (with of course, a link to the only 2 songs I was able to get my hands on). There are some previews on the web, but I hate posting bad quality songs or incomplete songs so if you really want to listen to the maybe 1 or 2 previews left on the web (they all got removed by BNR), just search the Hype Machine.

1. Gax
2. Kontact me
3. Starter
4. Jeffer
5. Transmission
6. Nerve
7. Trooper
8. Drummer
9. Sweet Light
10. Rozz Box
11. Nott
12. Heart Attack

From what I can see (listen...), it's going to be an awesome album. It seems like it will keep the "old school" Boys Noize's style but with a little touch of new-ness. It's more of a style that everybody can listen to (less effed up I guess). Enjoy the song Jeffer, it's amazing. Starter is good also, but effed up. Oh and by the way, they are from the Starter EP.

I didn't post this enough in previous posts: THESE ARE USED ONLY AS PREVIEWS, IF YOU LIKE THEM, BUY THEM. They aren't on iTunes though. They are on Beatport.

So here is the start of the upcoming albums spam

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So yeah, here is the first post about upcoming albums. Bloody Beetroots will be releasing (Officially) their new album around August 21st. It got MASSIVELY LEAKED already but it doesn't mean I'm allowed to post many tracks so I'll only post two. The opinion on the infamous duo's new album is really shared. It's either you love it or you hate it. Of course The Bloody Beetroots' style is very special, but I would like to know what you think about the direction they are taking with Romborama (upcoming album), so leave comments. I personally seem to like it. I'm telling you, this is some pretty hard electro. Here is the tracklist:

1. 'Romborama' (ft. All Leather)
2. 'Have Mercy on Us' (ft. Ce'Cile)
3. 'Storm'
4. 'Awesome' (ft. The Cool Kids)
5. 'Cornelius'
6. 'It’s Better a DJ on 2 Turntables'
7. 'Talkin’ in My Sleep' (ft. Lisa Kekaula)
8. '2nd Streets Have No Name' (ft. Beta Bow)
9. 'Butter'
10. 'Warp 1.9' (ft. Steve Aoki)
11. 'Fucked from Above 1985'
12. 'Theolonius' (The Voodoo King)
13. 'Yeyo' (ft. Raw Man)
14. 'Little Stars' (ft. Vicarious Bliss)
15. 'Warp 7.7' (ft. Steve Aoki)
16. 'Make Me Blank' (ft. J*Davey)
17. 'House N° 84'
18. 'Mother'
19. 'I Love the Bloody Beetroots'
20. 'Anacletus'
21. 'Come La' (ft. Marracash) (bonus track)

Some songs that are there were already released on other records. The two songs posted are there to show you two different styles, one without vocals (House N° 84) and one with them (Awesome). Don't forget to get your copy when it's out.

Amanda Blank, Will you marry me?!

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Amanda Blank's debut album just came out TODAY (Well, her first "real" album I guess). I didn't listen to it all yet but seems amazing. While I thought we already heard most of it since blogs posted a shitload of tracks from her, I was totally wrong. Here is the Tracklist for anyone interested (with links to previously posted tracks and two bonuses). Read the rest of the post for more information. Buy it on iTunes Here.

1. Make It Take It 2:25

2. Something Bigger, Something Better 3:05

3. Make - Up 2:16

4. Gimme What You Got (feat. Spank Rock) 2:46

5. Lemme Get Some (feat. Chuck Inglish) 3:01

6. Shame On Me 3:56

7. A Love Song 3:33

8. DJ 2:53

9. Might Like You Better 2:55

10. Big Heavy 3:59

11. Leaving You Behind (feat. Lykke Li) 2:45

Like I said, I didn't listen to it all yet (almost though!), but from what it seems, it's WAY above expectations. Seems like it's some speeded up electro rap bitchy music. It's awesome. I can't describe how fawking insane it is. The bassline in most of the songs is just amazing. Amanda Blank is on fawking fire. Buy it, Buy it, Buy it. It's only 8$ on iTunes..! Uffie is fawking dead. BYE UFFIE, AMANDAXOXO OWNED YOU. Hah. Sorry.

To add a little more fun to this post here are some remixes from her songs in this album. The first remix is made by Diplo (which is simply an amazing DJ, I would recommend you listening to a Live Set from him) and the second is by Rusko, another awesome DJ if you like dubstep. This second one is a little more fawked up but has some nice pattern and is probably the only remix of Might Like You Better that doesnt sound exactly like the original song.

Santigold (ft. Amanda Blank) - I'm a Lady (Diplo Remix)

Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix)

Actually, the Diplo remix is the one on the CD... but it's Diplo's work. The name is different on the CD though... it's: A Love Song. It's a little different but not by alot, it got edited to sound better on the radio (that's my guess). I'm trying to not post everything from her album, it's hard though.

IMPORTANT: Oh by the way, my Lupe Fiasco post got deleted and I can't recover it yet... I'm trying hard so I hope you're patient... it was a monster post too...