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March Break Special

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Hullo people. It’s finally march break… that means we have a week to sleep, eat fast food and party. Or if your name starts with W, you may go to Vancouver. OH BY THE WAY, Will is gone to Vancouver to see the Olympic games so when he comes back, yell at him and tell him he’s a lucky son of a bitch. GO CANADA GO…


Many events have been confirmed last week/lately and it seems like there will be many fun stuff happening this spring. (To see what was already confirmed, check THIS post) First thing happening is the ILOVENEON & HIGH FOOD Festival from March 25th to March 27th. The line-up is pretty neat on the first and third day (the second day is not as interesting for the price). Here are the line-ups for the 3 days:

1st day: Benga, Flying Lotus, Lazer Sword + MORE.

2nd day: Duchess Says, Joakim, Le Matos, Why Alex Why + MORE

3rd day: PROXY, FAKEBLOOD, BOY 8-BIT, Jordan Dare, Thomas Von Party + MORE (this is a fucking MASSIVE LINE-UP)

Like you can see, the important names are in red. The first day is going to be a lot of bass (Benga’s dubstep is really sick), but beside Benga, I don’t know the others very well. The second day is a little expensive for the DJs in my opinion (same price as the other days) and isn’t as interesting, I’ll probably sleep to get ready for… THE THIRD AND LAST DAY IS GOING TO BE FUCKING INSANE, THIS LINE-UP IS FAWKING MASSIVVEEEE. Proxy, Fake Blood and Boy 8-Bit are all amazing, really. Jordan dare is also really fun and listening to Tiga’s younger brother Thomas won’t be too bad either! 1 day is 25$ and after that if you take the 2day or 3day pass, it’s 20$/night. I’m pretty sure I’ll go to the third day, it’ll be INSANE.

I’m not done.

On April 10th, there will be JFK (from MSTRKRFT), Jordan Dare (again..) and St Mandrew. The price isn’t confirmed yet, but It’ll be around 20$ I think, I’ll keep you guys posted. This ought to be a fun night, JFK is awesome. I miss MSTRKRFT; last year’s show was super cool.

Guess what? I’M STILL NOT DONE. Holy shit this spring will be fun!

On May 8th, there will be the Ed Banger Party (without Justice…). The present line-up is Busy P and SO ME, but more DJs will be added soon so I’ll keep you up to date with that also. If you like what Justice plays, you can’t miss this event (they all play the same tracks… or almost), I’ll probably go also (unless I have finals to study that week…). Like the 2 other events, this will be happening at SAT, but this one could be costing a little more since Ed Banger Crew is very… J… I mean… greedy.   (:

Other shows are happening, but I don’t personally think they’re worth mentioning. I’m not saying they’ll be boring, I’m just saying that they’re not as awesome as m… I mean, the other shows. If I had more money I would go to most of them even though I didn’t mention them here. Check for info on the other shows.


Of course a post without music is really bad and anyways, I downloaded about 300 amazing songs in 10 days so I have a lot for you. Don’t forget this is my March Break Special.

Like some of you know, Rusko joined Diplo’s (WOOOO.) label, MADDECENT and just released (officially…) Woo Boost yesterday, so now I can post it without having MADDECENT on my ass. Rusko played it at Igloofest if you wanted to know. I won’t talk about the other tracks too much since I’m posting 11… Read the comments in purple if you want a brief description. I would download all of them if I were you though.

Rusko – Woo Boost (Wobble Wobble)

Afrojack – Pacha On Acid (Thanks to Gottadancedirty for this one)

Afrojack – Bangduk (I don’t like posting set rips, but this one is worth it)

Afrojack, Bobby Burns – Ghettoblaster (Yes, Afrojack again. He’s on fire lately, releasing A LOT of awesome tracks)

Tocadisco feat. Nadia Ali – Better Run (Afrojack Remix) (This track is really, really sick. Afrojacked, again.)

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (Afrojack Mix) (Another rip from a set, this one is really awesome and is probably one of the best remixes of Whatcha Say)

Switch – Grace (Laidback Luke Edit) (This song is sick. Seriously.)

L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (MJ Cole Remix) (Thanks again to Gottadancedirty for this one. This song is DIRTY, VERY FUCKING DIRTY)

Robbie Rivera, Dero - 1980 - Maurizio Gubellini Insane Mix (BLEEP BLEEEEP. This track sounds more professional, but still dirty.)

Booty Luv - Say It (Nero Remix) (Very good dubstep track, but not dirty at all, even your mom could love it! cough cough “it”)

Excision ft. Datsik - Retreat (Original Mix) (WHAT THE FUCK. If you don’t know what these guys make… this is some massive bass/darkstep. It’s sick.)

Have a nice March Break and enjoy these tracks, they’re all awesome.

If you’re from Montreal and want me to buy your tickets, here is my policy: No refund and no tickets before I get the cash. I don’t buy more than ONE batch of tickets so once I bought mine, if you forgot to ask, you need to buy it yourself. Also, if it’s 34.01$, I ask for 35$. I’m J… I mean… greedy.

Late information: If you like “chill” dubstep like the song Say it (posted above) or Starry Eyed (Jakwob remix) (posted somewhere on the blog, be the first one to use the search feature!), Luvstep is for you. It’s an hour mix with all very good dubstep songs and it was posted for Valentine’s Day (I know this is a late info). For more info on DJs and the tracklisting + download link go to This would deserve a full post talking about how awesome the mix is, but heh, I already have enough stuff to post right now.




Deadmau5 started doing dubstep… It’s actually pretty neat. It’s only on soundcloud right now but you cannot download it… But…
Well everybody out there knows… I’m the best. So here you go! The 3rd and last version of Deadmau5’s new dubstep track. It’s not done yet, but if you want to listen to the latest version without having the need to go on Soundcloud… Well… you’re at the right place. I have the original mp3 (Not ripped, STRAIGHT FROM THE SERVERS BABY). Download it while it’s hawt.
Deadmau5 – Dub5tepthingie3
EDIT: He now has a 4th version. Here it is.
Deadmau5 – Dub5tepthingie4
And… the 2 first versions.
Deadmau5 – Dub5tepthingie 1
Deadmau5 – Dub5tepthingie 2
Please, do NOT post this on another website without giving TheHawt the credit for getting it first… That happened with the You Need a Ladder rip… OH WELL.

Some Things Coming


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Heyoo. Not too many things happened lately (after Rusko), some house “parties” and stuff, nothing big. Also, it doesn’t seem like many good things are going to happen in the near future.

There only is the Montreal High Lights on the 27th of this month (Montreal en lumière/la nuit blanche). Click here for more information! We’re probably going to go to the Metropolis since there will be this nice show happening, click here for the information. It’s NOT 18+ so you can bring whoever AND IT’S FREE. What’s even better is that it’s from 9PM to 5AM so you can come whenever. We’ll probably go for 11-12 since that’s when the DJs start (most likely). Just comment on this post or send me an email/text/WHATEVERRRRR if you want to come with us.

The second interesting thing happening is Steve Aoki on March 13th by Iloveneon. It should be at the S.A.T. on Saint-Laurent and should be 15$ (SHOULD). He’s going to play with NROTB as well. I’ll post more info when I’ll have any. Just remember that Steve Aoki almost sounds like Bloody Beetroots. And that Asian Guy (steve) is really messed up; it should be pretty entertaining.

And actually… there is one very amazing thing happening, but not that soon. On April 12th, BOYS NOIZE and Housemeister are coming. It should be a really fun night. It’s at Metropolis on Ste-Catherine and it should be the only event that isn’t 18+ in the iloveneon stuff. It will most likely be around 35$ (like every other show at Metropolis from iloveneon…). I’ll give more information when it’ll be available. Like I said earlier in the post, just comment/email/text me/call me whateeevverrrr if you want to come/make me buy your tickets(your money, my credit card).

There is also a rave around the 27th… but I’m not sure if I’ll go since other stuff is happening and no one usually wants to go to real raves (the ones with DRUGZ AND LAZERS). I don’t know who’s playing either… so yeahhh…

Time for music. Here are 3 tracks that I got not too long ago. One is my “Valentine’s Day’s Special” and the others are some dark-step (sent by my friend(e) Pascale) and some Diplo-remixed pop music (it’s actually good, very relaxing). And like I always say… Enjoy teh goud shtuf.

Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)

Emalkay – Mencha

Private – My Secret Lover (Diplo Remix)


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I realize that I haven't posted anything for a while, and excuse myself sincerely but fuck it, I've been busy.

Do you guys know who Bob Marley is?...Of course you do. Well, my old friend Bob had a couple of kids. His youngest son, Damian, followed the same steps as his dad. One thing he didn't know was that his voice would be used to complement some sickass beats.

It Was Written - Damian Marley (Chasing Shadows Remix)

I also went to igloofest twice this year (the two most awesome nights of the year)! Ever since Noisia, I've been craving me some D & B. Here's a sick version of Sweat Dreams (to be played EXTREMELY loud!).

Sweat Dreams - Eurythmics (Noisia Remix)

Do you remember Contact - Foreign Beggars (ft. Noisia)? Well Noisia and Foreign Beggars have been working together again to make this awesome new song. I rarely laugh when listening to music, but the lyrics you're about to hear made me crack out in the bus on my way home. The old couple and random lesbo sitting next to me got the shit scared out of them. I enjoyed the whole situation very much.

Shake It - Foreign Beggars (ft. Noisia)

To top it all off, some calmer music that'll make you feel better on a rainy day. Enjoy!

Blinded By The Lights - The Streets (Nero Remix)