I realize that I haven't posted anything for a while, and excuse myself sincerely but fuck it, I've been busy.

Do you guys know who Bob Marley is?...Of course you do. Well, my old friend Bob had a couple of kids. His youngest son, Damian, followed the same steps as his dad. One thing he didn't know was that his voice would be used to complement some sickass beats.

It Was Written - Damian Marley (Chasing Shadows Remix)

I also went to igloofest twice this year (the two most awesome nights of the year)! Ever since Noisia, I've been craving me some D & B. Here's a sick version of Sweat Dreams (to be played EXTREMELY loud!).

Sweat Dreams - Eurythmics (Noisia Remix)

Do you remember Contact - Foreign Beggars (ft. Noisia)? Well Noisia and Foreign Beggars have been working together again to make this awesome new song. I rarely laugh when listening to music, but the lyrics you're about to hear made me crack out in the bus on my way home. The old couple and random lesbo sitting next to me got the shit scared out of them. I enjoyed the whole situation very much.

Shake It - Foreign Beggars (ft. Noisia)

To top it all off, some calmer music that'll make you feel better on a rainy day. Enjoy!

Blinded By The Lights - The Streets (Nero Remix)

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