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Underground stuff? kay. And car boom boom.

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So what you usually get on the gazillion blogs around are only popular songs(or DJ) but hey, many songs that aren't that played are really amazing. I hate people that listen to certain music just "cuz it cool mang", because these are the ones that make the style not be so cool anymore (and they show how they can't chose for themselves).

This one was posted on You Can Call Me Pelski (my favorite blog) a couple months ago and I made it blast in my friend's car... guess what? it was awesome. It's a chill beat that gives you the illusion it's relax and then the "alarm tone" starts and the voice too. That part makes you feel that something is coming and then... BOOM. No one really knows this song but it's pretty fun. Hear for yourself.

Sharooz - Get Off (This Is Kokuz ReChop) [Very Fawking Hawt]

So... Car boom boom. Or simply making your house shake I guess... Well my friend does that alot with his biggass sound system. He loves Dubstep and stuff; told me it was great to make your house explode and it really is, tried it myself. Here are a couple of Dubstep songs: basicly you love it or hate it, nothing else.The first song is from Larry Tee , some brooklyn dude. He pumped some crazy beats on his last album (Club Badd), I suggest you take a look to it. The song posted here are remixes for the purpose of not stealing the artist. Hipster girl is a really relax song but very groovy. The bonus song is NOT dubstep, but damn that thing is hawt (giving you an idea of what Larry Tee can do... with MSTRKRFT of course).

Larry Tee - Hipster Girl (Evol Intent Remix)

BONUS: Larry Tee - I Love U(MSTRKRFT Edit) [Very Fawking Hawt]

There was this retarded burst of Day N Night (Crookers remix) that became an overplayed and pretty boring song in my opinion (yeah it played every 5 minutes on radio stations), even if I love crookers. At least Dubstep saved that one... Here it is, a remix from Rusko. That guy is amazing.

Kid Cudi - Day n Night (Rusko's Big Trombone Remix)

I always loved stuff that really hit hard, that makes you say woah. If you like heavy stuff you'll love this one.

Foreign Beggars, DJ Primecuts - Hit That Gash (DJ Primecuts' Itchy Naaan Re-Rub) [Very Fawking Hawt]

Here is a slower song that is just cool, period. It's really good but long.

Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now (Dubbel Dutch bootleg)

"Oldschool" stuff

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In this context, "oldschool" doesn't mean 70-80s, but more like 2004-2006. What is oldschool? the songs I'm posting today. Why? Because they were in some Justice set a couple years ago and they are still songs that I love listening to. You can easily recognize that they are songs Justice would play at I Love Techno for example.

The first one today is Testarossa Overdrive, the remixed version of Testarossa Autodrive from Kavinsky, by Sebastian. I find it alot better if you're in DJing at all since it has more punch, more intensity. Although I find it better, if you wanted Kavinsky's "1986 in a sport car" style, the original version would be better for you. Here are the two versions, so see for yourself.

Everybody knows about Surkin, right? That guy that brings this oldschool sound (real oldschool this time) to his electro tunes. Well Justice liked playing Radio Fireworks awhile back so here it is.

Then there is this "African bongo song" that is pretty hot if you mix it with Testarossa overdrive (the remix). The bongos mixed with the bass makes an awesome track. GUESS WHAT'S THE NAME?! Bongo song.

The last one for now is by Les Petits Pilous, Wake Up. This song is really messed up but I like it. The sounds are from the bottom of their CPU and mixed with some device that makes it unique and retarded. Hard to explain, ya dig?! Yeah you dig. Now listen to this retardation and tell me how you like it. (Even though I'm kind of bashing into it, I like it.)



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It is now official, Michael Jackson is dead. Even if he was reknowned for beeing a pedo, Michael Jackson created awesome music that opened doors for new styles. To make your sadfaces look better I found this on the Internet: Eat it. Signed by Boys Noize, this parody of Beat It is pretty funny.

Boys Noize - Eat it

Oh, and I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson... damn. He was amazing.


On a side note, I was watching videos on youtube when I found this song. It's groovy and makes you want to dance and jump around if you have big speakers. It's some nice music, listen to it.

Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback (Original Mix)

By the way: I'll keep posting alot until I have 1 full page of text, because until then, the blog will look empty in my opinion.


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Yes, that needed to be written in Caps, because we all know that CAPS IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. That is basicly Le Castle Vania's favorite sentence! (not the caps thing)

LCV, AKA DJ DJ Dylan creates some amazing songs. It's basicly dirty electro beats, seeming like if it was Metal in some cases. He calls it himself "Disco Punk" or "Dirty Electro". Whatever you call it, it's amazing.

The first song I'm posting is Zero Machine, one of his most popular tune, a remix of a Smashing Pumpkins song, PERIOD.

Le Castle Vania - Zero Machine

The second song is THE MESSIAH, made by Le Castle Vania and Computer Club. The melody itself is really messed up, but always is fun to hear when LCV blasts the "dramatic" part in a show, right before playing some Boys Noize or other heavier stuff.

Le Castle Vania + Computer club - THE MESSIAH

I know you're all yelling MORE MORE MORE, so here it is, Go Back from GRUM, remixed by LCV. It has a similar pattern as ZeroMachine like you will probably notice, but I can't get tired of it. The heavy sound in this song makes you want to bang your head, and hard.

GRUM - Go Back (Le Castle Vania Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]

Since most of LCV's songs (including the 3 presented here) are all on his myspace (, I won't post anymore of the ones you can easily get on his page.

Before talking about Lies in Disguise, I'll post the only song I didn't find on Myspace (I think so...), which is Tigertron, featuring Factory Aire. I don't like it as much as Go Back or ZeroMachine but it's still worth the effort of listening to it.

Le Castle Vania - Tigertron (Feat Factory Aire)

So... Lies in Disguise time. Lies in Disguise is basicly LCV with some other guy named Blake Miller. Their mixes are pretty much all good or better. It is very easy to see that LCV is in there because of his very recognizable sounds (DIRTY). Here are a couple songs of theirs.

Party Shank - Penis Vs. Vagina (Lies in Disguise Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]

The Toxic Avenger - Poker Face (Lies in Disguise Remix)

Lies in Disguise - Meet Your Replacement


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Welcome to my new blog. This post will be short because I don't have that much to say right now and I'm leaving to see Transformers 2, hoping I'll be impressed with the special effects like the medias were.

EDIT: Transformers 2 was amazing. Terrible story, insane visual effects and very hot girls. Who cares about the story when you have the two last points?!

I want to share this song from Omnikrom. The original version isn't that great, I would even say it's terrible compared to this remix. LE MATOS, from Montreal, remixed the song Prend une photo avec moi and did an awesome job. It is pretty hard to find on the web if you cannot read French so here it is.

It's honnestly in my top5 right now so tell me if you like it!