Yes, that needed to be written in Caps, because we all know that CAPS IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. That is basicly Le Castle Vania's favorite sentence! (not the caps thing)

LCV, AKA DJ DJ Dylan creates some amazing songs. It's basicly dirty electro beats, seeming like if it was Metal in some cases. He calls it himself "Disco Punk" or "Dirty Electro". Whatever you call it, it's amazing.

The first song I'm posting is Zero Machine, one of his most popular tune, a remix of a Smashing Pumpkins song, PERIOD.

Le Castle Vania - Zero Machine

The second song is THE MESSIAH, made by Le Castle Vania and Computer Club. The melody itself is really messed up, but always is fun to hear when LCV blasts the "dramatic" part in a show, right before playing some Boys Noize or other heavier stuff.

Le Castle Vania + Computer club - THE MESSIAH

I know you're all yelling MORE MORE MORE, so here it is, Go Back from GRUM, remixed by LCV. It has a similar pattern as ZeroMachine like you will probably notice, but I can't get tired of it. The heavy sound in this song makes you want to bang your head, and hard.

GRUM - Go Back (Le Castle Vania Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]

Since most of LCV's songs (including the 3 presented here) are all on his myspace (http://www.myspace.com/castlevaniadisco), I won't post anymore of the ones you can easily get on his page.

Before talking about Lies in Disguise, I'll post the only song I didn't find on Myspace (I think so...), which is Tigertron, featuring Factory Aire. I don't like it as much as Go Back or ZeroMachine but it's still worth the effort of listening to it.

Le Castle Vania - Tigertron (Feat Factory Aire)

So... Lies in Disguise time. Lies in Disguise is basicly LCV with some other guy named Blake Miller. Their mixes are pretty much all good or better. It is very easy to see that LCV is in there because of his very recognizable sounds (DIRTY). Here are a couple songs of theirs.

Party Shank - Penis Vs. Vagina (Lies in Disguise Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]

The Toxic Avenger - Poker Face (Lies in Disguise Remix)

Lies in Disguise - Meet Your Replacement

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