"Oldschool" stuff

In this context, "oldschool" doesn't mean 70-80s, but more like 2004-2006. What is oldschool? the songs I'm posting today. Why? Because they were in some Justice set a couple years ago and they are still songs that I love listening to. You can easily recognize that they are songs Justice would play at I Love Techno for example.

The first one today is Testarossa Overdrive, the remixed version of Testarossa Autodrive from Kavinsky, by Sebastian. I find it alot better if you're in DJing at all since it has more punch, more intensity. Although I find it better, if you wanted Kavinsky's "1986 in a sport car" style, the original version would be better for you. Here are the two versions, so see for yourself.

Everybody knows about Surkin, right? That guy that brings this oldschool sound (real oldschool this time) to his electro tunes. Well Justice liked playing Radio Fireworks awhile back so here it is.

Then there is this "African bongo song" that is pretty hot if you mix it with Testarossa overdrive (the remix). The bongos mixed with the bass makes an awesome track. GUESS WHAT'S THE NAME?! Bongo song.

The last one for now is by Les Petits Pilous, Wake Up. This song is really messed up but I like it. The sounds are from the bottom of their CPU and mixed with some device that makes it unique and retarded. Hard to explain, ya dig?! Yeah you dig. Now listen to this retardation and tell me how you like it. (Even though I'm kind of bashing into it, I like it.)


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