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Dat (B)ass

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About a month ago I got peer pressured into buying a ticket for this year’s Kill Halloween, without really knowing if I’d actually go, since I have been very good at finding excuses not to go at events lately. I have to admit that this semester is a fucking pain in the ass and that it affects my global motivation/energy, but that’s not a good enough reason to miss good shows. This year again, Saintwoods did not disappoint. The show featured Boys Noize, Oliver, Tommy Kruise and High Klass. Our pre-drink lasted a little longer than expected and we *kind of* missed almost everyone but Boys Noize (which to be completely honest felt okay before getting there, but even the last five minutes of Oliver’s set was fucking great, so now I regret it a little). I’ve also been told that Tommy Kruise gave quite a show and I’m guessing that since Saintwoods rarely invites bad performers, High Klass might have been pretty fun too.

I wanted to see Boys Noize for a while now, but I could never attend his shows. I wish I could’ve seen him when he was doing his Oi Oi Oi tour, since it was such a good album, but I was too stupid and I missed him in 2007. Also, his album after that (Power) was so shitty that it made me stop following what he was doing until a few months ago when I found out he was teaming up with Skrillex to try to drop some bombs. And bombs they dropped, holy shit.

During his performance last Friday at L’Olympia, he mainly played his newer solo stuff as well as his releases under the alias Dogblood (with Skrillex), but he also dropped some good ol’ slowed down Ghettotech (think Work this Motherfucker by Dj Puff & Deeon…). I have to admit, his stuff is better live than at home or in your car, but it’s definitely worth a listen. Here are a few tracks he played:

I'm really not sure if he played the original or this remix from the great Jacques Lu Cont, my alcohol level was quite high during that night, but both tracks are good. If you want to listen to more of his stuff, make sure you check Dogblood’s Soundcloud and Boys Noize’s Soundcloud as well.

I still have to listen to more of Oliver’s stuff, but I have to say that from what I’ve listened to, these guys are really great. Like I said earlier, we pretty much missed all of their set, but we were lucky enough to be there when they played their track Move Your Body. Great release:

What a night… Quite the hangover the next day too though, but totally worth it. Have a great week ladies and gents (see, my “class” is slowly increasing with every post) and don’t forget to say hi to your mother for me (whoops).

Embodying the Kenyan Spirit (Part 2)

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"How are you feeling?" I asked as he inhaled the combustion of raw plant material, with the hopes to rid himself of sobriety and subsequently alter his consciousness in order to gain a different perspective on the world we are surrounded by. "I don't feel anything", answered my friend with the innocence of a child pertaining to the events to come. "Give it a few minutes, let it creep up on you", I replied, knowing that within the span of a few moments, he would not be the same for the next 3 hours.

Right after having said that, I took out my earphones to listen to some music, for we were on a mission to gather food at the nearest Harvey's, which was 20 minutes away. I was in the mood for the Kink (Strahil Velchev) remix of Jimpster's "Porchlight and Rocking Chairs" that just so happens to kick off the second instalment of my set!

As it turned out, only mere minutes following my retort, my friend was holding his head, apologizing in advance for the stupidities that would ensue on his behalf; "Whatever I do, please take care of me."  I only realized the pertinence of his statement after looking behind me to see him falling very much behind, with his eyes closed - quite a common reoccurrence throughout the night -, shooting lasers out of his hands (onomatopoeias included for hilarity);

- Nikhil?
- Yeah?
- Could you teach me to be calm?
- Well, for starters, I don't shoot lasers out of my hands, and I prefer keeping my eyes open when I cross streets.
- Oh, yeah, that's definitely a start.

As Kink's remix was coming to an end, hints of the following tune began to mesh into the final bars; Sello's alternating drums became more pronounced on every hit. As the new piece constructs itself over time, soft, muted synths make their appearance along with a diverse vocal repertoire that really makes you wonder about the structure of the Sello's "Praise Him" in particular, for the buildup constitutes more than half of the entire song. Nevertheless, if you have the patience for it, this piece is definitely worth a listen.

My attention has now drifted from my earphones to the orange neon sign in front of me. We have made it to Harvey's, and with an e-coupon ready to go on my phone, nothing was going to stop me from enjoying a two can dine for $9.99. Unsurprisingly, it was delicious, and after all was said and done, we wandered back towards campus for Oktoberfest. As we stepped foot in the bar, the sounds of Kyodai reverberated throughout, indicating that this was a good place to be. To be more precise, it was their remix of Claptone's "No Eyes" featuring Jaw. In traditional Kyodai fashion, the brothers input a ubiquitous presence of piano stabs within the edit (tastefully inserted, of course). Funnily enough, this was the closing song to my set. 

At approximately 3 AM we all headed up the mountain towards the city observatory. Thankfully, I had downloaded Lontalius's album of shorts entitled "The World Will Never Know About Us", which is saturated with feelings of longing, loneliness and what have you. The replay button came in very handy.

As we reached the summit of the mountain, an encumbering sentiment of happiness purveyed throughout the group, for who doesn't like to peer into the city lights in the middle of the night, the moon caressing every building ever so lightly. It was a good ending to a fun night.

It was approximately 5 AM when I stumbled into my apartment with one thing in mind. Riff Raff. In fact, he recently collaborated with A$AP Rocky for Noisey's segment entitled "Back and Forth". Watch the first part in it's entirety below.