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I FINALLY bought my Torq Xponent and trust me, it was worth it. The thing is just amazing. For those out there that don’t know what a Torq Xponent is, well it’s a MIDI controller that imitates 2 CD players and a mixer. You plug it to your computer and it controls everything on let’s say Torq or Virtual DJ. Know what sucks though? I have a shit ton of things to do and I barely have time to play with it, whateverrrrr, vacation soon.

Since I love you so much, I’m posting more music. The first one from Dada Life is just the best remix out there of their track Happy Hands and Happy Feet. It got transformed into some “danceable” track… whatever… you’ll see. Then I just thought that you’d like some totally un-danceable track, so here is You a Star. AND THE FINAL ONE: No comments, just listen to it, it’s awesome.


Dada Life – Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Malentes Wasted Kidz & Wacky Mix)

Aquasky - You A Star feat. Goldmouf (Instrumental Mix)

Nadastrom – Save Us (Original Mix)


And here is the picture of my Xponent. You are now allowed to scream like a little girl.


Wassup Wassup.

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My next few weeks will be full of shit with finals and assignments. I’ll keep posting tracks though, so don’t worry.

Here are three nice tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. They’re bangers, pump up the volume and bang your head. Wassup.

Diplo – Wassup Wassup (Crookers Happy Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]

Fukkk Offf – More Than Friends (Congorock Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]

Redman – I Hold The Crown (Gigi Barocco Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]




Well Hello There.

LOGOSo yesterday my friend wanted me to do a mix for his video of some computer game. I'm a great friend, so I actually did one. He told me this morning that people were like OMGOMGOMG and that they wanted the mix\tracklist. I'm not home at the moment (and on my friend's laptop) so I don't have the file ready, but I'll still post the tracklist anyways. I'll post the mp3 tonight as soon as I get back home.

mewn - Nerdshack minimix 1

TRACKLIST (I know I abused The Bloody Beetroots, hah.)

The Bloody Beetroots - We Are From Venice (La Serenissima)
Timbaland - Miscommunication (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Sound of Stereo - Heads Up! (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots - Ill To Destroy
SPA - Pets Dance (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Just a Band - In Anima Vili

Hope you like it. I'll post the link to the video tonight also, because I'm about to throw this old as fawk laptop out the window.

Added from my beloved computer:

I added the link up top, and here is the link to the youtube movie, if you don’t like gaming movies, don’t watch it. I don’t even understand what’s happening, hah. It’s some mmo-fps ish game.


ALSO. I changed our logo, because this one is just that awesome.


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First of all, welcome my new slave, Will. He’ll be helping me out with the blog. He knows a lot of pretty tight tracks and he was giving me tracks for lupemy posts a while back, so you should like his style. EVERYBODY SAY “HI WILL”.

…SO. I had problems with blogger and mediafire a couple months ago because of some copyright, but it ended up to be not that bad (I lost 2 posts and some time trying to get them back/uploading files back to mediafire). I’m just posting some of the old links if you didn’t get the tracks when I first posted them. Some of them are still pretty good, so enjoy! My favorite tunes are marked with a [very fawking hawt] tag. Sorry for the rap, but I still think Lupe Fiasco’s tracks are pretty tight.


Bingo Players – Get Up (Diplo Remix) [very fawking hawt]


Bassnectar – Land of the Lupes [very fawking hawt]


Lupe Fiasco – Me and my Sneakers (ft. A-trak)


Lupe Fiasco – Little Weapon


One EskimO – Givin Up (Don Diablo remix)


Hearts Revolution – SwitchBlade (Designer Drugs remix)


Deadmau5 – Move For Me (ft. Kaskade) (Extended Mix)


Deadmau5 – Word Problems (Original Mix)


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So after some long-ass break, I've decided that it would be great to update my blog. The only thing is that I don't have the time/inspiration to keep the blog up to date on my own. What does that mean? Yes, it means I'll need more people to write for me. I already got someone, so if you're interested just send me an email to Basically, just tell me what your name is and what music you listen to. I would prefer people from Montreal (to talk about the Montreal electronic scene), but if you're awesome and from some other place, I'll take your "application" in consideration.

So what did I listen to lately? A fuckton of things. I don't have time to upload stuff tonight so I'll post a mix that I did last summer and that is already uploaded. It's really not that great, but if you like the Bloody Beetroots, you'll enjoy it. I'll make sure to post good stuff in the next few days/weeks.


Oh and that's me on Friday night, missing Tiga because I was too sick. Fuck this.