First of all, welcome my new slave, Will. He’ll be helping me out with the blog. He knows a lot of pretty tight tracks and he was giving me tracks for lupemy posts a while back, so you should like his style. EVERYBODY SAY “HI WILL”.

…SO. I had problems with blogger and mediafire a couple months ago because of some copyright, but it ended up to be not that bad (I lost 2 posts and some time trying to get them back/uploading files back to mediafire). I’m just posting some of the old links if you didn’t get the tracks when I first posted them. Some of them are still pretty good, so enjoy! My favorite tunes are marked with a [very fawking hawt] tag. Sorry for the rap, but I still think Lupe Fiasco’s tracks are pretty tight.


Bingo Players – Get Up (Diplo Remix) [very fawking hawt]


Bassnectar – Land of the Lupes [very fawking hawt]


Lupe Fiasco – Me and my Sneakers (ft. A-trak)


Lupe Fiasco – Little Weapon


One EskimO – Givin Up (Don Diablo remix)


Hearts Revolution – SwitchBlade (Designer Drugs remix)


Deadmau5 – Move For Me (ft. Kaskade) (Extended Mix)


Deadmau5 – Word Problems (Original Mix)

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