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Heyoo. Not too many things happened lately (after Rusko), some house “parties” and stuff, nothing big. Also, it doesn’t seem like many good things are going to happen in the near future.

There only is the Montreal High Lights on the 27th of this month (Montreal en lumière/la nuit blanche). Click here for more information! We’re probably going to go to the Metropolis since there will be this nice show happening, click here for the information. It’s NOT 18+ so you can bring whoever AND IT’S FREE. What’s even better is that it’s from 9PM to 5AM so you can come whenever. We’ll probably go for 11-12 since that’s when the DJs start (most likely). Just comment on this post or send me an email/text/WHATEVERRRRR if you want to come with us.

The second interesting thing happening is Steve Aoki on March 13th by Iloveneon. It should be at the S.A.T. on Saint-Laurent and should be 15$ (SHOULD). He’s going to play with NROTB as well. I’ll post more info when I’ll have any. Just remember that Steve Aoki almost sounds like Bloody Beetroots. And that Asian Guy (steve) is really messed up; it should be pretty entertaining.

And actually… there is one very amazing thing happening, but not that soon. On April 12th, BOYS NOIZE and Housemeister are coming. It should be a really fun night. It’s at Metropolis on Ste-Catherine and it should be the only event that isn’t 18+ in the iloveneon stuff. It will most likely be around 35$ (like every other show at Metropolis from iloveneon…). I’ll give more information when it’ll be available. Like I said earlier in the post, just comment/email/text me/call me whateeevverrrr if you want to come/make me buy your tickets(your money, my credit card).

There is also a rave around the 27th… but I’m not sure if I’ll go since other stuff is happening and no one usually wants to go to real raves (the ones with DRUGZ AND LAZERS). I don’t know who’s playing either… so yeahhh…

Time for music. Here are 3 tracks that I got not too long ago. One is my “Valentine’s Day’s Special” and the others are some dark-step (sent by my friend(e) Pascale) and some Diplo-remixed pop music (it’s actually good, very relaxing). And like I always say… Enjoy teh goud shtuf.

Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)

Emalkay – Mencha

Private – My Secret Lover (Diplo Remix)


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