Yes I stole this from my friend.

Alright so, yeah. Read the title and think for two seconds: "What the eff did he stole?" and then remember that you're on a freaking music blog. BINGO! YOU'RE A GENIUS, STARSHINE. Yes I stole my friend's music (well, his founds). He may start posting on TheHawt too, so I hope you like his musical preferences: I do.

I'll now explain in this wall of text what, why and how I stole his ideas. It was on a sunny day/night (what the hell) and he said "HEY MAN I DO YOU KNOW ABOUT DADA LIFE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" and like a retard I answered "The movement?" (google Dada if you don't know about dadaism). I'm telling you, my friend is a pro in not making me feel bad about my retardness, he just sent me a link to Dada Life's August Mix, and I'm telling you, this is hot hot, hot, HOT stuff. They pretty much did a mix of EXACTLY what I felt like listening/having sex to. From Sharooz to Boys Noize, trespassing on Deadmau5 and Dj Mehdi's lawns, you have here a mix of dirty basslines and groovy music. It never ends... I mean, it does after 48 minutes, but your head doesn't want to believe it. During these 48 minutes, the dirty electro never stops, it just doesn't. Another good point: some of the vocals are really badass. Here is a link to the mix (not hosted by me/my hosting services) and their website with other mixes (other months' mixes, duh).

Mix - Website - Myspace - I Love you.

I can't believe I didn't really know about Dada Life (of course I had their Happy Hands and Happy Feet single, but I never bothered looking into their other songs), so I'll keep spamming you with more information about them. Their new album is supposed to come out around the 8th of september if I can remember well. It will be entitled "Just Do the Dada" and it's (like some other person said on MASSIVE. Yes I said that word for a reason. It's awesome, I love it. Dada Life found the balance between dirty basslines and vocals, without sounding like the well known electronic sound of "my car is not starting". I don't know if I'm allowed to post this but whatever. Here are a couple songs for you to listen and enjoy.

On a sidenote... Robots will rule the world one day... and they will be African. (what the hell) Simian Mobile Disco's new album, "Temporary Pleasure", is a nice piece of art, mixing some electronic sounds to the groove of some bongos/feel of bongos. The "Beeps" you can hear are just awesome: you'll see/hear/whatever/ihateu. I personally love these two songs so I hope you do too, if not... you're a baddie.

Then my last artist of this post (because I didn't want to post the new David Guetta's songs, since they are freaking everywhere... They'll maybe be in another post, I like being late) is Sharooz. Who? What? Why? Yeah, Sharooz. He does awesome tracks and for some reason that I know he isn't well known. YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE NOT WELL KNOWN? IT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVE LIKE 1 TRACK THAT IS ON THE INTERNET: WHAT'S UP. Don't get me wrong though... I love his music. His new track "Adrenalize" is not even on Beatport, so I ripped it from Youtube, but the bitrate is TERRIBLE (8 instead of 320...), can't wait for it to be buy-able. It has some pretty dirty bassline (I know: I said dirty basslines alot in this post... oh well cuty pie: deal with it) that is enjoyable to listen at. Talking about DIRTY BASSLINES, here is the original version of Get Off (I posted a remix in an earlier post) that I think, is INSANE.

WARNING: This could be dangerous or bad for your car's speakers (mostly Get Off since the other has bad bitrate).

Sharooz - Adrenalize (TERRIBLE QUALITY, here is the Youtube link that has good quality: ROARRRR.)

Oh, by the way, sorry for being slow on posts, I had alot of stuff happening lately (my bday, parties, college starting, girlfriend <3, ...

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