So here is the start of the upcoming albums spam

So yeah, here is the first post about upcoming albums. Bloody Beetroots will be releasing (Officially) their new album around August 21st. It got MASSIVELY LEAKED already but it doesn't mean I'm allowed to post many tracks so I'll only post two. The opinion on the infamous duo's new album is really shared. It's either you love it or you hate it. Of course The Bloody Beetroots' style is very special, but I would like to know what you think about the direction they are taking with Romborama (upcoming album), so leave comments. I personally seem to like it. I'm telling you, this is some pretty hard electro. Here is the tracklist:

1. 'Romborama' (ft. All Leather)
2. 'Have Mercy on Us' (ft. Ce'Cile)
3. 'Storm'
4. 'Awesome' (ft. The Cool Kids)
5. 'Cornelius'
6. 'It’s Better a DJ on 2 Turntables'
7. 'Talkin’ in My Sleep' (ft. Lisa Kekaula)
8. '2nd Streets Have No Name' (ft. Beta Bow)
9. 'Butter'
10. 'Warp 1.9' (ft. Steve Aoki)
11. 'Fucked from Above 1985'
12. 'Theolonius' (The Voodoo King)
13. 'Yeyo' (ft. Raw Man)
14. 'Little Stars' (ft. Vicarious Bliss)
15. 'Warp 7.7' (ft. Steve Aoki)
16. 'Make Me Blank' (ft. J*Davey)
17. 'House N° 84'
18. 'Mother'
19. 'I Love the Bloody Beetroots'
20. 'Anacletus'
21. 'Come La' (ft. Marracash) (bonus track)

Some songs that are there were already released on other records. The two songs posted are there to show you two different styles, one without vocals (House N° 84) and one with them (Awesome). Don't forget to get your copy when it's out.

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