Amanda Blank, Will you marry me?!

Amanda Blank's debut album just came out TODAY (Well, her first "real" album I guess). I didn't listen to it all yet but seems amazing. While I thought we already heard most of it since blogs posted a shitload of tracks from her, I was totally wrong. Here is the Tracklist for anyone interested (with links to previously posted tracks and two bonuses). Read the rest of the post for more information. Buy it on iTunes Here.

1. Make It Take It 2:25

2. Something Bigger, Something Better 3:05

3. Make - Up 2:16

4. Gimme What You Got (feat. Spank Rock) 2:46

5. Lemme Get Some (feat. Chuck Inglish) 3:01

6. Shame On Me 3:56

7. A Love Song 3:33

8. DJ 2:53

9. Might Like You Better 2:55

10. Big Heavy 3:59

11. Leaving You Behind (feat. Lykke Li) 2:45

Like I said, I didn't listen to it all yet (almost though!), but from what it seems, it's WAY above expectations. Seems like it's some speeded up electro rap bitchy music. It's awesome. I can't describe how fawking insane it is. The bassline in most of the songs is just amazing. Amanda Blank is on fawking fire. Buy it, Buy it, Buy it. It's only 8$ on iTunes..! Uffie is fawking dead. BYE UFFIE, AMANDAXOXO OWNED YOU. Hah. Sorry.

To add a little more fun to this post here are some remixes from her songs in this album. The first remix is made by Diplo (which is simply an amazing DJ, I would recommend you listening to a Live Set from him) and the second is by Rusko, another awesome DJ if you like dubstep. This second one is a little more fawked up but has some nice pattern and is probably the only remix of Might Like You Better that doesnt sound exactly like the original song.

Santigold (ft. Amanda Blank) - I'm a Lady (Diplo Remix)

Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix)

Actually, the Diplo remix is the one on the CD... but it's Diplo's work. The name is different on the CD though... it's: A Love Song. It's a little different but not by alot, it got edited to sound better on the radio (that's my guess). I'm trying to not post everything from her album, it's hard though.

IMPORTANT: Oh by the way, my Lupe Fiasco post got deleted and I can't recover it yet... I'm trying hard so I hope you're patient... it was a monster post too...

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