Get Fucked, Go Pro.

Happy New Year (late), I wish you guys a lot of alcohol, blunts and music.


I’ve been looking around for new-ish tracks lately and I found some good tracks that can really start a party. Talking about parties… I hope you guys had some great New Year’s eve parties, because I did. Everybody was pretty drunk… too bad we can’t even compete with how Will is drunk right now. He’s at this Ski Trip (more like a “getting fucked bigtime” fest) and that’s why he didn’t post lately (that’s my guess).


Now with the important stuff. I found the first track while listening to some late November live set from Crookers. It’s some pretty great beat so enjoy it. I admit though that the voice gets irritating at one point, but the track is still great. The second track is from Hollertronix #10 on Maddecent. It’s some good “boom boom boom boom”, I’d say it’s danceable after 10 shots of Jack though. The next two tracks are some “almost pop” music. One is a remix (very very good remix) of my favorite “let’s modify the lyrics” track and the second is just some LMFAO from 25 million years ago. Get Fucked, Go Pro.

Bart B More - Make Some Noise (Nadastrom Rework)

The Partysquad – Rage (Original Mix)

Rihanna - Umbrella (Vandalism Remix)


Hope you like this picture, I did (modified) it myself! I’M A BIG KID NOW.


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