GAH. Almost summer.

Alright soooooo. I have a few things for you guys. First I’d like to say that this summer will be pretty hot. For example, Tiesto is coming on July 18th. We don’t have any information yet like where it is and such but check this facebook event here and invite your friends!


DJ solo sent me his new track that is pretty sick. Here is what he wrote in his email:

“Your blog is real of my homies recently introduced me to it. Bigup!! My name's DJ SOLO, I'm part of the Chicago dubstep crew Fresh Kid, as well as the LA based hip-hop crew Soul Assassins (Cypress Hill, House of Pain).

This is an original song I wrote over Doctor P's "Rasputin's Gold" called Chicago Mobster Dance. This is not an official collaboration between me and Doctor P, however I'm a huge fan of his music and this was done in tribute, not only to a dope producer, but someone who inspired me to take hip-hop in a new direction. I am currently working on a mixtape that will feature many of my original bootlegs and remixes, as well as more DJ SOLO on the microphone! Protect your neck!!!”

See? Our blog is fucking dope. Haha. Here is the soundcloud embed track (it’s not available for download yet!). Listen to it, it’s worth it.

Chicago Mobster Dance (feat. DJ SOLO) - Doctor P by DJ SOLO

I really love the lyrics and the track (how it’s edited). It sounds sick and I love the idea of rap over dubstep tracks. CHICAGO MOBSTER. Cheers. I’ll keep you guys updated with his new tracks and such (if he sends them to me!! haha). Check his website for more cookies!

This month’s top5 is below! (more like “to start off the summer top5”)

I came across a new song from Rusko the other day while listening to some dubstep mix and I got to admit it’s pretty sick. It sounds like… you know… WOBBLE WOBBLE PEW PEW PEW BOOM BOOM. Yeah that’s right. See for yourself, it’s a great track to start off the summer.

Rusko – Do You Wanna Have a Party

And a remix from Doctor P could help too.

12th Planet & Juakali - Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

Of course I have more than just dubstep for you guys this week! I have other tracks to make you party this summer. These two guys are some big bangers and they’re really fun.

Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Sidney Samson Remix)

Larry Tee Feat. Roxy Cottontail - Let's Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix)

I’m trying something new, posting trance music, let’s see how long it lasts on mediafire. This is one of my favorite trance track at the moment.

Skytech - Comet

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7 Responses to “GAH. Almost summer.”

  1. Yeeeee back to Dubstep

    That album cover is dope as fuck

  2. Not your best post ever...
    Will's past few are better!

  3. I try hard! But I should try harder! I wrote this in a rush, I'll make sure the next post is better! I hope you like the tracks though, haha.

  4. stfu that aint "anonymous" thats fckin will one uping his posts. how could anyone not like this. your blog is a gentle pruned flower that will never wither...

  5. More Doctor P would be awesome.

  6. the DJ SOLO song is really fucking sick!