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Considering I am completely broke (and in debt), I can't really afford to go out to shows like Bal en Blanc (sad sad moments). This means that while my friends are going out to party, I'm stuck here at home trying to find music for you guys. To make this worse, I didn't even find this band; my sister did. Ok, don't take this wrong...we all know that sisters listen to terrible music but somehow she managed to push me towards this pretty sweet group.

They're called the Two Door Cinema Club. A trio from northern ireland that play some really jumpy and very happy indie. They almost made me want to get up and dance...until i realized again how sad my life is for the moment. Now I listened to their new album: Tourist History and i thought it was pretty cool. Almost immediately after (yes, I spend that much time on my computer), I found an awesome remix of theirs. I kept on searching until i found the following five:

Undercover Martyn Flexin' It - Two Door Cinema Club (Passion Pit Remix)

What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club (Redlight Remix)

Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club (The Twelves Remix) (Personal Favorite)

A Cholo You Know - Down AKA Kilo vs. Two Door Cinema Club (The White Panda Mash-Up)

The Angler - Panama Kings (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

Bonus track (also an indie remix):

Dull Life - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Professor Purple Remix)

P.S. This music is only for happy people. It has nothing to do with our usual heavy electro and D&B
Enjoy anyways!

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