Vikings FTW

Hey everyone, my name is Justin and I'm the newest addition to the Hawt. Fred and Will have been doing an awesome job managing the blog on their own, but they wanted to post more frequently, so I was recruited. Lets get started.

About a month ago, Will wrote about Noisia's new album Split The Atom, but he somehow left out the best song. Alpha Centauri has been on beatport's top downloads list for a while now. The intro's kind of long but the track is great.

Alpha Centauri - Noisia

Lets do some math. Did you know that House #84 + Money to Blow = House of Money? Yup, its a mash-up. I think that this song is better than its individual parts. 4 pretty decent artists too: The Bloody Beetroots, Birdman, Lil Wayne and Drake. Can anyone explain to me how you go from Degrassi to rap?

House of Money - DJ Stroke (Money to Blow Remix)

Finally, I want to introduce you to Alex Calver. Hes a little known artist who goes under the name Calvertron. Hes from the UK and it seems like hes right on the cusp of blowing up on the house scene. Here are a few of his tunes for you to enjoy.

Doo Doo - Calvertron (Original Mix)

Dwarf Porn - Calvertron (Original Mix)

Where Is It? - Blatta & Inesha ft. Gigi Barocco (Calvertron Remix)

The title doesn't really have anything to do with the post, but I thought it was important to mention that the Minnesota Vikings are the greatest franchise in NFL history.

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7 Responses to “Vikings FTW”

  1. Wait a minute,

    Is this Justin Piazza?

  2. Noisia track is dope as fuck

  3. Wait, Drake = decent artist?

  4. hey, hes brand new and hes got loads of famous rappers performing with him. thats big considering hes from the whitest tv show in the world

  5. Viking's are ok but Favre is a dumbass. Without him, they might have won last year...oh well!

  6. Vikings are so fucking bad.