Size matters.

Yes, size matters. Bigger mixes and bigger posts are better.

Other writers have been writing a lot lately and since I didn’t really have that much time to post, I didn’t really bother finding time. The semester is almost over and that means that parties start, but parties without music sucks. There’s this new tendency around here, they call it “dubstep parties”, which is pretty much rave parties without rave music. Hmmm. Great idea, but I’m not sure what hard drugs do on people that listen to dubstep… haha. Someone should do some research on this. Last dubstep party I went to was decent, but I remember one thing: the DJ did not know what the two words “mixing properly” meant. I suggest he donates all his equipment to me(he had nice CDJs and other piece of gear). I also suggest that he starts playing already recorded mixes instead of raping people’s ears. (He wasn’t thaaaat bad, but I still think he should learn to not suck at life)

Wow it’s so strange how the previous paragraph fits with the music I want to talk about! O.M.G. ! (if you’re a Rusko fan and you don’t get this, go die in a fire pleaseeee; thanks.)

Rusko released his new album about last week and I’ve been listening to it quite a bit. Here is what I think:

Sup son;

that is all.


Nawww, I keed’. Seriously though it’s a great album that isn’t really near Rusko’s typical dubstep style. It’s less dirty and more “pop? (if you want to call it like that) It’s a lot less aggressive but still pretty awesome and Rusko was able to keep that dubstep drop in every song, even the more chill ones. See for yourself!

Rusko – Scareware

Rusko – Oy (ft. Crookers)

Rusko – You’re On My Mind Baby

Rusko - Rubadub Shakedown (ft. Rod Azlan) (this is like Major Lazer that got “dubsteped”)

Rusko – Woo Boost (Probably the most Ruskie song of the album, this is a repost)

On to some more filthy and dirty and everything you want to hear when listening to dubstep. I came across a really sick mix from Kabz, some Chicago DJ (again). Since I’m really really REALLY bad at summarizing stuff here is the full info on Kabz. He knows DJ Solo by the way. Check THIS post for stuff on DJ Solo.

“Hailing from Chicago, KABZ is one of the fastest rising DJ’s in the midwest scene… Having started DJ’ing in 1993, he has progressed through countless genres of music before discovering dubstep in late 2007. KABZ has played every major Dubstep venue/showcase in Chicago and always leaves the crowd wanting more of his wikkid, hard hitting mixing style. Now a regular DJ on The Dented Sessions on, and has been a featured DJ on The Part Time Suckers Show on, Sub808 on KAKU (Maui), Joystixx Radio on, Dubstation on (Birmingham UK), and a featured mix on (Birmingham UK) as well.

Kabz is also an integral cog in the Fresh Kid crew in Chicago, which promotes dubstep nights at Smartbar, Cafe Lura, Kinetic Playground to name a few, as well as assorted other events in the midwest dubstep scene. Watch out for this Badman, he might be coming through your town soon!!”


I obviously wrote all this (not). His mixes are sick and extremely filthy. I think the DJ from the dubstep party should play this instead of destroying my ears. Allah dammnit. My favorite mix is his Brod out mix 2 that you can find on his soundcloud page or right here. (check his soundcloud for more stuff or his facebook for anything else, for example more links to info) He’s going to release a new mix soon on, I’ll attempt to keep you updated on that. You can download the mix if you want, click on the arrow on the right. Enjoy the mind blowing brostep. Let’s create a new –step word while we’re at it: Kabztep.

Bro'd out Mix #2 by DJ KaBz

Here is the Tracklist:

1. Twista-Overnight Celebrity -Richie August & SymbL
2. Overnight Celebrity (Instrumental) - Kanye West
3. Wu-Tang (DZ Remix) - Wu-Tang Clan
4. Meet Me Outside - SymbL
5. Snake Eater - Joker
6. Time To Party - Bratkilla
7. Rupture - Bar9
8. Full Clip - Austin Speed
9. You Wouldn't Understand - Vaski
10. Ganja Dub - Sukh Knight
11. Power Surge - Sinista Souls
12. Give It Up - Richie August
13. Against The Machines - Datsik vs. Downlink
14. Biochemical Equation (DatsiK & Excision RMX) - Wu-Tang Clan
15. Firecracker - Syndaesia
16. The Gun Slinger - Bar9
17. Rape Escape (DMNDAYS RMX) - Horse The Band
18. Dirt Off Ya Shoulder (Richie August VIP) - Jay-Z
19. Love Dont Cost A Thing/Still Grimey (Nebulla & Dore RMX) - Wu-Tang Clan
20. Battle (2) - Vermin & Pigeon Crusher
21. Vindicta Ft. Theresa Joy - Havocndeed
22. Culbera's Rum - Kontra
23. Rumbleweed - Alert
24. Skeleton Dust - Dub Crookz
25. Stagga - Raven
26. Sultan Swing - Syndaesia
27. Inhabitants - RumbleJunkie
28. Bloodclart - Rakoon
29. Moonrock Badman - Downlink
30. New Town BadBoy - Grimace
31. Sketcht Maxx (U Wot Ruckus & Roke RMX) - Mark Instinct
32. Still Tippin ft. Slim Thug - Richie August
33. GetWitDis - Richie August
34. Crucialstep - Mark Instinct
35. Full Metal - Diesel
36. Welcome To Violence - Quasimoto (Madlib)


I hope you like the very super mega clean pictures that aren’t related to porn with drawings on them.


Click here for the funniest one. lolwat.

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