Borgore Ruined Dubstep?

Alright, sorry for the lateness, its been a long time coming but I finally got down to this post. So, most of you guys already know a bit about this guy, but he's just so badass that we had to make sure the whole world knew about him. Yeah, like the title says, its Borgore bitches!

So like I mentioned earlier, this guy is pretty well known, he used to be a drummer in an Israeli metal band and then turned to an awesome dubstepper. What I like the most about him though, apart from the insane wobble, is the misogynist lyrics of most of his songs (for those of you who don't know what that means, I recommend checking it out, for all you who already knew, congratulations on being educated). Actually, when some dumb lady just hits your parked car and tries to blame it on you, this is some good music to listen to.

Love - Borgore (Personal Favorite)

Alright so as most of you already know, i like trance, A LOT! So, as a little extra, I'm gonna share a track that was shown to me by my homeboy Wei Su. Even Will might like this one...

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4 Responses to “Borgore Ruined Dubstep?”

  1. Not bad Ellis, other than the mistakes and formatting errors. Thanks for thinking about me!

  2. Haha my bad for the formatting, i had to repost about 15times because blogger was screwing up.

  3. These mistakes and formatting errors have totally ruined my reading experience. This is unintelligible! For shame, sir!