I’m a NINJA!

So since school is over or almost over for some of you unlucky ones, I decided that summer should start off on the right foot. What better way to do that than share with you guys this awesome video/song by South African band Die Antwoord. Now you’re all going “Hip-hop? Really? Thats so 1990’s” But take a look you won’t be disappointed.

Aight so for those who didn’t catch on, this is pretty much jokes. But there are three reasons why I like this:

1- It’s made as a parody but the guy takes himself so seriously that its hilarious.


3- The main singer is as skinny as me.

So basically because I had no life, I decided to check out what song they sampled their chorus from  and even if its hard to believe, its an even funnier song with a hilarious clip and if you’re bored, definitely check it out, guaranteed to stay in your head all day.

But enough with the jokes, now on to the main attraction and this week its going to be some trance brought to you by W&W, two Djs from the Netherlands (what a surprise). So according to my good friend Wikipedia, these two have only been together from 3 years, but its been a great 3 years. These are monster songs at raves and you’ll notice that some them were played at Bal en Blanc It’s some Armada so get it while its hot!

W&W – Mainstage

W&W vs Jonas Stenberg – Alligator Fuckhouse (for those of you less keen on trance, this one has a Mau5ey feel to it).

Orjan – Arctic Globe (W&w Remix) (Personal Favorite)

Aly & Fila – My Mind is With You (W&W Remix)

 W&W – D.N.A.

So even before I get the comments, I know most of these have notoriously long intros that you might consider to be a turn off but believe in moi, it’s worth the wait.

By the way, tickets are on sale for Tiësto on July 18th at the Beach Club, they are not too expensive (around 60$) and you can get them at www.tiestotickets. Doors open at 8am I think cause Beach Club is open all day so there shouldn’t be such a wait. Everyone cool is coming so yeah you better be there. Oh and one more thing, not being man enough to tell your mother you want to go is not a valid excuse…

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6 Responses to “I’m a NINJA!”

  1. Sick trance, reminds me of Bal en Blanc! haha.

  2. I hate that blond chick. She's so fucking annoying!

  3. I dunno about you but I find her more scary than anything. Miss Jane style creepy.


  5. Yolandi Visser is BANGIN! Die Antwoord ROCKS!!!