Old Tunes, Still Hawt

If you want brand new music, go see Fred. He has everything. Seriously, that new Deadmau5 track, Some Chords, hes had that on his hard drive for a year now. I don't know how he does it, which obviously means my stuff won't be as recent. Doesn't mean is isn't great though.

So I've been watching a lot of late night television lately. Out of respect for Conan, im shunning Leno and tuning in to Letterman. His top tens have inspired me to make one of my own:

Top Ten Signs Your Summer is Going to Suck:

10. Your own original track that you were so proud of gets 4 downloads on beatport,
9. Your significant other turns you away from the latest Kaskade album to buy the new Michael Buble CD,
8. Your mom forbids you from going to a show because you accidentally told her it was a rave,
7. You like the Boston Red Sux,
6. You haven't already heard of THE house track of summer 2010, One - Swedish House Mafia,
5. You get arrested for illegally downloading music (we apologize),
4. You just got your driver's license a.k.a. the designated driver every night,
3. Your younger sibling gets more action than you do,
2. Your girlfriend orders you to go make her a sandwich (If you are a girl, click here),
1. You aren't reading hawtmusik.com, commenting on all the posts and downloading all the songs.

Bet you weren't expecting that last one huh? Anyways, as I was saying earlier in this post, I got some great songs for you that aren't new but they're pretty good and I think it puts you in a summer mood.

So theres an artist called Twocker which consists of producers Alex Calver or Calvertron and Will Bailey. They haven't released any new tracks in a while because they are both working on their own stuff. Twocker's style is a mixture of both individual artists' sound which gives way to some pretty cool tracks. Enjoy :)

Electric Boogaloo - Felipe Avelar ft. Olie (Twocker Remix)
Cash In Drop Out - Dada Life (Twocker's Danger Step Mix)
Stitch - Twocker (Bass Kleph Remix)

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6 Responses to “Old Tunes, Still Hawt”

  1. Wait a second, did you just spend a post burning yourself?

  2. Wait a second??? Is little samuel getting some action? I don't believe it!

  3. 8. You're not old/man enough to tell your parents you're going to a rave

  4. 7. Youre 19 years old and your parents still dont allow you to go out to a concert and you take it like a bitch.