Last time I posted, I talked about SOLO working on a mix… well he released it the next day. There’s a lot of cool shit in his mix, like a “Vocal Remix” of Sweet Shop (it’s LEGEND… ARY). Check the tracklist to find it.

SOLO is known for adding vocals to every dubstep song he can, and he basically put together all the best tunes he remixed into a big mix. Enjoy!


DJ SOLO - Hated In The Nation by DJ SOLO


“This is my new concept album/mixtape/EP which contains all original DJ SOLO bootlegs, re-edits, and remixes, along with 5 original rap tracks over dubstep, drum n bass, and hip-hop, and is "hosted" from beyond the grave by the most hated outlaw punk rocker himself...GG Allin!! The goal of this mix, other than to be fun and entertaining, is to draw a clear line in the sand between what used to be considered "dubstep" and the newer hardcore style that has now evolved into something that the original dubstep fans cannot identify with and for the most part, downright HATE. I want to open the doors for hardcore bass music of all genres including dubstep, DnB, electro, and Hip-Hop, to be united without it being subject to someone else's rules and standards. This ain't your father's dubstep...this is BASS PUNK!”


01. So Vexed (DJ SOLO Meth Lab Edit) - Funtcase x Crissy Criss
02. Ghost Train (feat. DJ SOLO) - Datsik (Mechano)
03. Inspector Toast Fucking Says Fuck You (DJ SOLO Edit) - Diesel x Lily Allen
04. Lounge Act 2.5 (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Tek-One x Nirvana
05. Shuttin' Down The Sweet Shop (DJ SOLO Mega-Leg):
a) Sweet Box - DJ SOLO
b) Sweet Shop (Moskas Curved Remix)
c) Sweet Shop (Robzords and Damo Remix)
06. Drop It Like B-More Bam Bam (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Snoop Dogg x DJ Fashen
07. Chicago Mobster Dance (feat. DJ SOLO) - Doctor P (Rasputin's Gold)
08. Love (That's What She Said feat. DJ SOLO) - Borgore
09. Starman (DJ SOLO Anunnaki Bootleg) - Tek-One x David Bowie
10. High Plains Drifter (Manson Family Remix feat. DJ SOLO x3) - Beastie Boys
11. Sandman Raving On Molly (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Cookie Monsta x Metallica x Beastie Boys
12. Bass Punx! (feat. DJ SOLO) - Steppa & Kitcha (Let's Go Get Em)
13. My Story (Interlude feat. DJ SOLO) - Black Sabbath
14. I Used To Love Her (Fuck Hip-Hop feat. DJ SOLO) - Free The Robots (Orion's Belt Buckle)
15. Gold and A Pager (feat. DJ SOLO) - Cool Kids
16. Punk Rockers At The Circle K (DJ SOLO Bootleg)- Trolley Snatch x Iggy Pop
17. Forgot About Tainted Dreams (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Chrispy x Soft Cell x Eurythmics x Eminem
18. Kiss Me I'm Polish (DJ SOLO Remix)- DJ SOLO x Eddie Blazonczyk


So yesterday I DJed with some insane speakers. It was fun. I mean LEGENDARY. People seemed to like what I played (house music oh damn) and they were pretty pumped until about 3:30 AM when cops came to say hi.

I know I’m corrupted… but I think house music can sometimes be good. David Guetta proves it every time he releases a track and this time he teamed up with Kelly Rowland to produce a great tune. This track is the one people enjoyed the most yesterday (play it loud).

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland – Commander (Extended Dance Mix)

I finally got to listen to LAZERPROOF (a collaboration between Major Lazer, La roux and other artists like Gucci Mane). I have to say it wasn’t that amazing, but some of the tracks were really cool remixes. Sadly, a couple remixes are just mashups that don’t fit that well together, but oh well! Here is my favorite track included in the mixtape. Grab the full mixtape on

Major Lazer and La Roux - I'm Not Your Lemonade + Heroes n Villans Remix ft. Gucci Mane


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