I Can’t Think of a Title so Imagine a Cool One and Credit Me With It

In the spirit of being cool, I’ve decided to start off the post the way Gareth started his podcast a few weeks back with a crushing track by Dada Life.

White Noise Red Meat – Dada Life

I Will be the Same (feat. Emma Hewitt ) – Gareth Emery

image                        Snapping Alligator Turtle is without a doubt the badass animal of the day, i mean, look at him, it’s like if the Hulk, Batman and a tank fused into one being then got turned into an animal.

Next remix is from John O’Callaghan and, for what he lacks in hair, he makes up for in skill. Check out the original to, it’s massive.

Melt to the Ocean (John O’Callaghan Remix) – Cosmic Gate                  How fucking wonderful it is to see a big ball of fire… melt to the ocean

Gotta love all these Cosmic Gate remixes being released with their Back 2 the Future album release. Speaking of Cosmic Gate, they recently announced their presence at Bal en Blanc in April. I could hardly be more excited for this event (except if Afrojack and/or Ferry got announced obviously). We are currently looking at Above & Beyond, Tiësto, Ben Gold, Cosmic Gate.. oh and did I forget Markus Schulz? That’s right! Markus Schulz! Missing a couple of people in the Main room (house room), my bet is on Deadmau5 being booked.

Alright so next main event is lining up to be Paul van Dyk in a couple of  weeks. However, I understand that he isn’t super well known to most of you so I’ll try to post a couple of his songs in the near future. For now, this is something i found on the Armada list that kept me from listening in class today.

10 in 01 (Paul van Dyk Club Mix) – Members of Mayday

Few remixes including a really chill one of a trance classic by Mt. Eden, only reason that i found it is because of some hater on YouTube that referenced it as being shit… Thank you closed minded trance fans that say that trance isn’t good anymore and nothing is good nowadays anyways! But let us not get carried away, there’s also a great Schossow remix and a Oliver Smith remix that eclipses the original (that’s right, the original was NOT that good).

Zara (Oliver Smith Remix) - Arty

The Greater Good (Marcus Schossow Remix) – Judge Jules

Saltwater (Mt. Eden Remix) – Chicane

One last thing, although we hate the place with a passion (see Justin’s past epic rant) we are going to try and go see Ingrosso on February 6th at Muzique as a Superbowl afterparty if anyone is interested. Also we wouldn’t want to miss Muzique getting “fucked in the pussy”…

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