First post on the Team!

skXch here, saying hey to everyone and a big thanks to the Hawt for making me the newest member of the blog team!

As for quick about me, I'm a 19 year old college student from New Orleans, LA. I am a dj and aspiring producer. I'm big into the electro-house, dubstep, dance scene down here and this will be mainly what my posts consist of.
I'll start it off with a song that I absolutely CAN NOT get out of my head. Bare Noize has recently blown my mind! They have been putting out some of the filthiest, yet surprisingly melodic songs that I've heard in a while

Here's "Wonderman"- listen to the whole thing, you'll be glad you did!

Torqux and Twist are another sick dubstep duo I've heard recently.
This one is called "Master Debater."
Ah... the good ol' times- I remember in fourth grade where my teacher caught this kid in the corner......

Pretty sure these guys are playing at ULTRA along with Bare Noize, and EVERYONE else in the EDM genre. By the way guys, Ultra 2011 tickets are officially SOLD OUT. It's going to be a wild ride!!!

Also, for maximum excitement, play this song in your car with the subwoofer booming.
It reminds me of some trip hop like Opiou's Robo booty. hahah

GLITCH HOP! The funkiest dubstep I've ever heard. Wazzapnin!

So I just heard this song today! It's a Frost Raven remix of Builder's Panda style!

Lets just say, when I first heard it, my face looked a little something like this...

Enjoy :)

Panda, signing out..

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