School Blows.

LOL Homemade. ahahaha. Sorry for being bored.

Alright so university just started and I feel like shit. I don’t feel like working to be honest. I’d prefer to keep drinking and sleeping… and obviously listening to great music. Not that school will stop me from listening to music… just that I won’t be drunk while doing so… or high… or something.

On top of school (yes, I’m still complaining), my computer broke… so I wasn’t able to grab a lot of new music lately. And I didn’t have time to sync some music from my old to my new computer. So that is my excuse for not posting. LIFE IS HARD. hah.

My boy SOLO sent me an email last week with some new stuff he did.

“Here's a little clip video of one of my recent performances. It features a lot of my original bootlegs as well as live rappin and turntablism. It was a super fun show and these kids in Champaign, IL really know how to get down!! Check it out...”

It’s a pretty neat video. Chill to look at. Some nice Djing and rapping. And of course some nice dubstep! (Kabz and SOLO know what good dubstep is) Check the video around 6:00 to laugh. Sweet Shop. haha.

He has more stuff coming up and I’ll keep you guys up with that. 

This next song is really sick and chill. It’s some kind of “dutch”, but with less weird high pitched sounds (still has some). Let’s use our brains and call it Electro House/Tech maybe. Chuckie will always surprise me… That guy knows what he’s doing.

Ambush, Chuckie, Hardwell - Move It 2 The Drum feat. Ambush (Tech Mix)

The next song is from my favourite DJ, Diplo, from MAD DECENT. He remixed a song from Maroon 5 (wtf) and it’s actually pretty good! Hear it for yourself.

Maroon 5 - Misery (Diplo Pet Me Out Of My Misery Mix) [removed]

The next song is dubstep (duh) and it’s in the video above! It’s veryy gewdddd.

Flux Pavilion - Got 2 Know (Original Mix)


And good luck with school. Shit Happens.

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3 Responses to “School Blows.”

  1. Why'd you censor her face? I bet that ur mom.

  2. Props to SOLO for playing some Sublime.

  3. Bigup HAWT blog!!

    @Ellis: I also drop some Sublime in this mix:

    ...and tons more free music over at