Zaboomafo ain’t got shit on me

Aight so I don’t feel like ranting on Dj Mag since Justin took care off that in brilliant fashion so here’s a picture of the wisest most badasses lemur there is.


I’m really in a trance mood so here’s a little something something.      Since life is awesome, here’s some awesome music to compliment it.

Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello (Michael Woods Remix)

Jochen Miller – uPad

Both tracks featured on Gareth’s podcast, although Jochen Miller’s is a bit unconventional for him, it’s still baller. Oh an I’m not a usually a big Michael Woods fan but this is a massive, massive track. Just massive.

I really looked a long time for this next Myon & Shane54 track because although it was featured on A State Of Trance a while ago, I couldn’t seem to track it down so i had to settle with a rip. Very good nonetheless.

Myon & Shane54 – International Departures (Classic Anthem Mix)

Soundlift – Empty Streets (Daniel Kandi Remix)

And finally, if you’ve been to any kind of raves/concerts this summer, for sure you’ve heard at least one of these tracks.

Mr. Pit – Sky Traffic (Personal favourite, no doubts homeboi)

Marc Marberg vs. Kyau & Albert – Megashira


Piece of advice, don’t fuck with ninja lemur…

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3 Responses to “Zaboomafo ain’t got shit on me”

  1. When are you not in a trance mood...other than when youre not in a dub mood...

  2. Actually, ever since Electric Zoo, ive been going crazy on house but it was nothing new i could post.