Never Judge a Book by its Cover


Every time I think that I’m completely up to date with the current happenings of the electronic music world, a new artist re-ignites my flair for new tunes. Thomas Gold is the one to blame on this occasion. I honestly do not know how this DJ was able to escape my field of vision, as he has been an important contributor to the house scene for some time now. I first heard about him through “AGORa”, one of the tracks featured on Size Matters, a compilation of dancefloor hits mixed by Steve Angello and his younger brother, AN21. I don’t like the song, so his name swiftly flew out the other ear and I did not hear it again until his remix of Moguai’s “We Want Your Soul” recently became one of Beatport’s featured tunes. I had to give it a listen: Size Records only releases the best. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the track was deemed to be Hawt-worthy. The moral of the story is: never judge an artist by the first track you hear, improvement is implied. Of course there are some exceptions (Deadmau5’s math sucks as bad as the new album). Here is the aforementioned remix as well as an older track riddled with percussions straight from a marching band. It goes great with the title (Marsch is German for March).

Moguai – We Want Your Soul (Thomas Gold Remix)

Thomas Gold – Marsch Marsch (Original Club Mix)

“Nitro” and “Midnight Run” took a backseat to Michael Woods’ previous hit release “Dynamik”. However, the Englishman is a testament to improvement, as the once mau5trap benchwarmer seems to be one of its current frontrunners. His latest track dubbed “No Access”, ironically not released on mau5trap, is a feast for the ears as Woods continues to blur the lines between house and progressive. image

Michael Woods – No Access (Original Mix)

As a personal resolution including the blog, I pledge to post more dubstep in 2011. For now, you’ll have to settle for this one lonely track. Truthfully, I think it makes up for the lack of wobble on The Hawt. Doctor P seems to be one of the genre’s innovators, continuously attempting to further it. Listen for the electro-like build-up before the drop.

Blame ft. Camilla Marie – Star (Doctor P No Rap Remix)

Not much to say about this track. The title reads like the sounds my cat makes when I give him a bath. I found this track the same way I did the Thomas Gold remix. I’ve also never heard of the artist. Great first impression though.

EDX – Szeplo (Original Mix)

This track is currently one of my favourites. It just knocked Gareth Emery’s “Arrival” off my iPod’s top 25 most played songs. The tune comes from Anjunadeep golden boy Michael Cassette’s debut artist album, “Temporarity”. I fell in love with it the second I heard it on TATW and hopefully, you will too.

Michael Cassette – Memories (90’s Piano Mix)

This final track is my favourite remix 00-aruna_with_mark_eteson-let_go__remixes-cover-2010of Aruna & Mark Eteson’s “Let Go”. Like “Memories”, the song was also featured on TATW, receiving heavy support from Above & Beyond. Although the Nic Chagall remix seems to be the most popular, I prefer the more melodic take delivered by Who.Is.

Aruna with Mark Eteson – Let Go (Who.Is Remix)

Just to let you guys know, I finished a runner-up in Above & Beyond’s TATW 350 competition, winning a t-shirt in the process. Speaking of the trio, their prestigious label is turning 10 in the new year. To celebrate the milestone, a special album called “10 Years of Anjunabeats” will be released on January 17th. If you haven’t already, check out its promotional video here.

As promised, the Chris Lake interview is on its way and should be in any day now. We have also contacted Ben Gold’s manager who has kindly granted us a short interview with his client. Be sure to continue checking The Hawt for our picks for the songs of the year, as well as a full calendar for the first few months of Montreal’s 2011 gigs.

Finally, The Hawt would like to wish all of its readers a very happy holiday season.


If only my Christian upbringing would allow me to give gifts like these…

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