Super8 & Tab Show + Exclusive Interview + Gareth Emery Show = Great Night

Pardon my tardiness, but our take of Gareth’s Emery 3-hour set at Circus in Montreal has finally arrived.


Because of the exclusive interview we conducted with Finnish superstars Super8 & Tab, we showed up late to the party. Late enough to piss off Ellis, to miss the first 10 minutes of the show and to miss Ashley Wallbridge’s remix of “Arrival.” It seemed like word of Gareth’s mixing prowess had spread like wildfire as the main room was jam-packed with lots more party-goers than his last trip to our fair city. Since the contrast in temperature between the club and the frigid Montreal outdoors was literally like summer and winter, large parts of the crowd had abandoned their clothes. I regret having worn a long-sleeved shirt. In essence, the night was a microcosm of the past 7 or 8 episodes of the Gareth Emery Podcast. Nearly all of the songs the crowd was graced with had previously appeared on his weekly 1-hour installment of new fresh tracks. These tunes included Gareth’s classics, many future releases on Garuda, recent monster hits from the likes of Sander van Doorn, Ummet Ozcan, Wippenberg, Mat Zo and lots from the long awaited Northern Lights Re-Lit album. As soon as I had gotten a Red Bull into my system and made my way to the head of the mass of Montrealers, the acoustical energy sent me into a trance and time passed by so quickly that I almost missed the half-naked girls dancing on the table tops lining the DJ booth. My brain told my legs: “Fuck it, it’s Gareth.” So they went numb and followed the beat until the break of dawn.


Here’s a tracklist, in no particular order, courtesy of Garuda Nation’s Samson:

Gareth Emery - Sanctuary (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix)
Gareth Emery - Full Tilt (Beltek Remix)
Gareth Emery feat. Jerome Isma-ae - Stars (Hardwell Remix)
Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji - Pressure
Gareth Emery - Citadel (Super8 & Tab Remix)
Gareth Emery ft. Roxanne Emery - Too Dark Tonight (John O'Callaghan Remix)
Gareth Emery ft. Mark Frisch - Into The Light (Lange Remix)
Gareth Emery ft. Brute Force - Arrival (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
Gareth Emery ft. Activa - All Is Now (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
Wippenberg – Phoenix (Original Mix)
Yves-V vs. Fred Baker - Start Again
Tritonal ft. Cristina Soto - Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)
Craig Connelly - Absolute Electric
Sander van Doorn ft. Carol Lee - Love Is Darkness
Nadia Ali - Rapture (Gareth Emery Remix)
Solid Globe - North Pole (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
Gareth Emery ft. Lucy Saunders - Fight The Sunrise (Daniel Kandi Remix)
Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab - Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix)
Lange, Andy Moor, Komytea & Tiesto - Lethal Stadium Four (Gareth Emery Re-Edit)
Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. Oceanlab - On A Good Day (Metropolis)
Gareth Emery vs. Markus Schulz ft. Jennifer Rene - Not The Same Citadel (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
Super8 & Tab - Helektra
Gareth Emery vs. Delerium - This Is Silence (Myon & Shane 54 Mashup)
Pendulum Vs. Rank 1 Vs. Nic Chagall Vs. Wippenberg - The 100 Islands (Triarchy Edit)
Dustin Zahn vs. Mark Simz - Forbidden Stranger (Gareth Emery Edit)
GTR - Mistral
Tiësto vs. Diplo – C’mon
Tritonal & Sibicky – Suzu (Original Mix)
Gareth Emery - Global (Jordan Suckley Remix)
Mark Eteson - Blackboard (Jon O'Bir Remix)
MEM - Invictus (Original Mix)
Gareth Emery vs. Motorcycle - As The Exposure Comes (Gareth Emery Mashup)
Lange pres. LNG - Brandalism (Lange Mix)
Ummet Ozcan – Indigo (Original Mix)

One of the night’s best highlights came when Gareth proceeded to put on a Habs jersey. His name was written on the back and the captain sign was replaced by a subtle D-J.


Here are a few of our favorites from the night:

Ummet Ozcan - Indigo (Original Mix)


Tritonal ft. Cristina Soto – Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)


Tritonal & Sibicky – Suzu (Original Mix)

Sander van Doorn ft. Carol Lee – Love is Darkness


Sidenote: Sander van Doorn, co-author of Love is Darkness, received the prestigious Silver Harp yesterday. The award is handed out at the yearly Harpengala and is meant as an incentive for emerging Dutch DJs. The prize was handed to him by last year’s winner, Armin van Buuren.

Gareth is a special DJ. I’m guessing it gets incredibly annoying to replay the same songs over and over and over again, yet he somehow manages to keep a smile on his face and dance along with the rest of his followers. I’ve been to a decent amount of shows and I realize that nearly all DJs do the same, but our beloved Englishman adds a little extra. Although I hate to sound cheesy, it’s as if he connects with the music, thus plugging himself into the CDJs, making sure that every carefully selected song gets its due praise. The guy is such a good producer that the number of hits that he is “required” to play (i.e.: “On A Good Day (Metropolis)”) outweighs his set time. Therefore, his of DJing equipment and his knowledge of every rise, fall, drop and build-up of each track that he mixes combine to offer an orgiastic feast for the senses. His productions are aptly qualified as Trance, because that is the exact state you are in when you listen to his tunes. Finally, the adoration he delivers onto the crowd makes his sets such an enjoyable and memorable experience for all. I think I speak for all when I say: “I LOVE YOU GARETH!”

The Super8 & Tab interview is nearly completed and will be posted sometime in the close future. Our technical advisor is hard at work trying to finish the editing process as quickly as possible. Keep posted and have a great week.

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5 Responses to “Super8 & Tab Show + Exclusive Interview + Gareth Emery Show = Great Night”

  1. Teehee...technical advisor.

  2. Just went to see him last night in Vancouver and i must say he puts on a better show back at home. Also the venue sucked balls.

  3. I know that's you Gigi. I'm totally getting a webcam now.

  4. Great review Justin! Ellis, too bad Vancouver wasn't as good but we knew that! :)

    Can't wait for the Northern Lights Re-Lit party and ASOT500 next week!

  5. You're going to Miami for WMC week? Lucky bastard. I'm hoping it's not just the Re-Lit party, you've got the whole city shutting down to welcome pretty much everyone who's anyone in the business. Have fun, can't wait for your review of the shows :)