To Get Through Exams

So it seems like I haven’t posted anything in a while. My bad. This is my first post since going legal so I haven’t acquired super embedding skills yet but hopefully they will come. Let us begin with the music.

Been holding onto this song since TATW 350 and it’s just beautiful. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been released yet but patience, the date seems to be set at May 2nd. Hopefully this rip will satisfy you till then.

Superman – Mat Zo

Funny story, playing Xbox a few weeks back when Justin, Wei and I came across a team composed of Matan Zohar, Artem Soloviev and Synapse Dynamics, aka Mat Zo, Arty and some other dude who named himself after a track. There’s no telling if it was really them, the only guy talking was the third guy. We beat them the first time… then they took to kicking the living shit out of us. My piece of advice: Do not fuck with them.

Up next is a brand new track from Axwell who’s back in Montreal on June 3rd. Here’s hoping we get a taste of this live.

Heart is King – Axwell

You probably heard of Above & Beyond’s great single Sun & Moon that was released recently. Well, some geniuses had the awesome idea to make a dubstep remix of it, a badass remix.

Sun & Moon (The Others Remix) – Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford

Next, here’s something I picked up at Paul van Dyk a few weeks back. He actually mixed the shit out of it but it isn’t an official remix. But still, here’s a pretty decent mix of the track.

Sunday (Seamus Haji Club Mix) – The Hurts

And finally, here’s something absolutely massive that was introduced to us via Gareth Emery’s Podcast and that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing twice live in concert.

So, I usually end my posts with upcoming shows but Justin did a good job of listing them out, so I thought I’d mention Taco Bell is having a free taco week from April 7th to 13. HELLZ YEAH!

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  1. Costco is having a sale on Cottonelle toilet paper from April 8th to 14. HURRLL YEAH!