New Music n’ shit.

I know, I’m such a slacker and like every time I post, I have news and then music! But this time I don’t need a wall of text to explain.

I’ve decided that it was time for Hawtmusik to sell t-shirts, because, let’s face it, we’re awesome. The plan for the first t-shirt is to write HAWTMUSIK DOT COM in the back, but we didn’t make our choice yet for what will be written in the front. We have a few ideas, but it’d be great if you guys sent us ideas by email to or simply in the comments section beee-lowww. Also, I’m still unsure if we’ll go for the cheap-ass t-shirts that would be around 16$ or for the reasonable ones that would be around 25$. Obviously this doesn’t include shipping or any other fee, but I won’t be charging more than what it actually costs. Also, the cheap ass t-shirt can only be white, while the other one can be any color, but it will most likely be black. Whatever, tell me what you think.

Madison Square Gardner

Music time! Do you remember the Chris Lake interview we got last December? We were super busy with all kinds of things and we just had enough time to post the interview and go back to whatever we were busy with, but while that happened, I was still receiving emails from great producers that deserve to be blogged about.

I was very interested with this new-ish label based in Salmo, British Columbia, that releases very uncommon music (and that has an awesome website with sick images!). It’s called King Deluxe ( But before I go on, I must say something: these days, we only hear about 3 types of music in the EDM scene. If you’re a normal hipster (by normal I mean poser as fuck), you’ll probably be hearing about dubstep a lot, if you’re someone that just began listening to EDM, you’ll probably be hearing about House music all the time and if you’re someone like us at the hawt (awesome), you’ll be hearing about Trance as well as the other genres mentioned above. This label does not release any common derivatives of any of them and that’s what makes it awesome.

The first artists I listened to in the label was Fancy Mike. It’s reallyyyy hard to describe his style, because I don’t hear stuff like this very often, but I think the label did a great job explaining what you’ll hear if you click the play button: “His sound consists of lo-fi, synth-based instrumental music, backed by analog-driven technology and tape hiss. He likes to maintain a style that is heavily reminiscent of filmic scores, French electro, 70s disco music, 80s synth-pop and current-day keygen music.”

What I really like about Fancy Mike is the fact it’s different from the rest of my music library and when I’m sick of hearing the same tracks over and over again, I play his album and relax. Sound explains this feeling better than words, so here we go (downloads below):

Lazer Opera by fancymike Hipster Crack by fancymike

Check out the full album here and buy it for 5$ here. If you really enjoy his stuff, go listen to his newest release (that I didn’t have time to listen to that much though) right HERE. Here are two of his tracks for free, I hope it’s okay with the label! 

Fancy Mike – Lazer Opera

Fancy Mike – Hipster Crack

If you want more of that type of music, go check the label’s website HERE and go check Aleph, that is also very good, HERE. Aleph’s music sounds a little like Fancy Mike’s, but it seems quicker and less “insanely-chill”. There are other artists signed with the label too, but I didn’t have time to listen enough to them to criticize their music!

100_0352Egyptians invented acid, in my opinion. (Photo by me @ Le Louvre, Paris, France)

Ellis is supposed to be posting some “normal-er” music soon, so I’ll let him take care of that, but before I finish my post, here is some new dubstep n’ shit from my boys in Chicago, Keith Kabz and DJ Solo. They always release nice stuff, so you guys should check their soundclouds by clicking on their name (especially if you like dubstep)! Their new stuff is really nice and innovative!

This songs makes you want to buy a sub for your car, but it aint dubstep, it’s the whitest rap you can find on the web! But it’s good, so… respect.

Gittin It - DJ SOLO by DJ SOLO

Seriously, what the fuck, this is good!

The Office (DJ SOLO Remix) by DJ SOLO

Dirty shit is dirty.

How To Chop Up Dubstep VOL. 1 (KABZ MASH-EDIT) by DJ KABZ

Here’s a mix by Kabz, legendary as usual!

KABZ Kinetic Masquerade MIX 4-11 by DJ KABZ

And one of DnB! What?!


Enjoy your week people! And don’t forget to come to Ferry Corsten on the 23rd @ La Folie and to Sander Van Doorn @ Beachclub on the 26th! And also, comment on the t-shirts! Thanks!

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