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Hey everybody, my name is Marc and I'm the newest member of the Hawt team. I'm honoured to be here and I hope that you’ll enjoy what I will be posting!
Alright to start it all off I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite labels called Lucky Me. Lucky Me records are based in Glasgow and was founded by none other than Hudson Mohawke. Lucky Me signees include a lot of artists from Montreal like Lunice, Ango and of course the legendary Jacques Greene. The best way for you guys to find out what this label is about is to listen to their sounds so here you go:

Lunice is definitely one of the best electronic hip-hop producers out there. After going to the Red Bull academy and working with Diplo he went from being a small time producer to a world renowned artist. He always keeps his stuff fresh and he's a great showman.
Ango is another Montreal-based producer who was taken under the wing of Jacques Greene and later joined the Lucky Me family. He is also signed to Jacques Greene’s label Vase. As you can see his stuff is not as poppy as Lunice's. It has more of a deep vibe, kind of like a darker kind of dance music.
To top it all off the master of this sub-bass genre, the one and only…Jacques Greene! This guy is a genius. The stuff he puts out is always original and soothing, but in an eerie way. He has recently put out an EP on his brand new label Vase and the album is according to me his best work so far.

2012 The Year of…?
Alright so on another topic, if I were to ask you guys what the most prominent type of electronic music this year (in Montreal at least) was, you’d all have answered dubstep. But was it really? Last I checked what Skrillex or Flux Pavillion produce is not dubstep. Music evolves people and so has dubstep. To find the origins of dubstep we’d have to go all the way back to London in the 00’s. Does Mala, Coki, Skream, Benga, Loefah, Digital Mystikz, Rusko or Caspa ring a bell? If you’ve never heard a track from these guys then you probably don’t know what dubstep is about. In the past year a lot of people have declared themselves fans of dubstep, but the dubstep they are referring to is not really dubstep, it’s a transformation of what used to be dubstep. The reason as to why I’m writing this is to end this confusion. And so, next time you want to talk about a tune you heard from Skrillex or Dillon Francis, the more exact terms to qualify it would be brostep or moombahcore.


(I hate this song so much…..)


The main difference with Moombahcore being those upbeat squeaky synth lines pulled from Moombahton.
As for 2012 I'm looking forward to see what will come up. A lot of artists like James Blake, Nicolas Jaar and Julien Mier are surfacing with a sort of post-dubstep sound kind of a more primitive sounding dub. Also I think that glitch-hop will break through this year. Glitch-Hop has been a pretty dominant genre on the west coast and I have a feeling that the winds of technology will bring the glitch-hop hype to the east coast.

Also before I finish I just wanted to leave you with this great remix of Major Lazer’s new track called Original Don. Flosstradamus does an amazing job in slowing the drop down and turning this track into a serious head bobber. This stuff is the real kind of panty dropper, none of that Trey Songz crap. Check it out:

Also while we’re on the topic you guys can expect a review of Diplo’s (one half of Major Lazer) mental, out of this world set @ Igloofest 2012 very soon.

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