15 Years of German Awesomeness in One Album

Hello dear readers! Like some of you guys probably know, Kyau and Albert released their 15 Years of Kyau & Albert Album today, on March 12th. Their label, Euphonics was kind enough to send me a hard copy of the album (directly from Germany) and let me send a few short interview questions to them. For the ones who don’t know who Kyau & Albert are, or if you know them but don’t know much about them, they are a DJ duo from Germany with a pretty big background in the European EDM scene (North-American as well now). Their songs play very often on Trance Around the World and other popular podcasts. Lately, they frequently play in big venues in North America like Pacha New York, Electric Zoo, WMC, EDC, etc.


I’ve already listened to the album a few times (I got it in the mail this morning) and I’ve got to say that it sounds very very good. All the songs are old or new hits from Kyau & Albert and are either remixes or official reworks (minus three song that are the originals). The remixes are by the likes of Tritonal, Arty, Cosmic Gate, Mat Zo, Stoneface & Terminal, Super8 & Tab and more. I’ve already heard a lot of the songs that are on the album before getting it, but it’s very nice to see them all in one release. This album is like hearing all good songs, but with a new sound. You should definitely check it out HERE (itunes) or HERE (Euphonics). Here is the tracklist.

1- Falling Anywhere (Sunn Jellie Remix)
2- 7Skies (Ellez Marinni Tech Mix)
3- On the Way
4- Neo Love (Dennis Sheperd Remix) ft. Marc Marberg
5- Once in a Life (Tritonal Remix)
6- Are You Fine? (Arty Remix
7- Always a Fool (2011 Rework)
8- This Love
9- Save Me (Steve Brian Remix)
10- Megashira (Ronski Speed Remix) ft. Marc Marberg
11- Painkillers (Alternative Club Mix)
12- A Night Like This
13- I Love You (Cosmic Gate Remix)
14- Be There 4 U (Mat Zo Remix)
15- Kiksu (2011 Rework)
16- Made of Sun (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
17- Velvet Morning (Super8 & Tab Remix)

… And here is the interview with Kyau & Albert, I hope you enjoy!

Me: Hello guys! Here are a few questions that I'd like you to answer.

Me: What are your sources of inspirations when you produce a record?

Ralph Kyau: It can be everything. A great club night, a wonderful morning...

Steven Albert: Also sometimes you play around in the studio and, by mistake, you find something great.

What do you think sets Kyau & Albert apart from other trance producers/DJ?

Ralph Kyau: Hard question. Definitively that Steven sings all male vocals in our singles. That's very unique.

Me: Can we expect Kyau and Albert to come here in Montreal (Canada) in the near future? It's been a while since the last time you did!

Steven Albert: It would be great to come back, but there's nothing planned at the moment I think.

Ralph Kyau: The best thing to do would be to check out our website at www.kyauandalbert.com or go to www.facebook.com/kyauandalbertofficial to stay up to date with gigs, radio show playlists and more.

Me: Do you guys have any "rituals" you do before starting a set?

Ralph Kyau: We love to drink a beer and we love to listen to the DJ who plays before us.

Me: Besides your upcoming album 15 Years of Kyau and Albert, what can we expect to be released from Euphonic in 2012? Any surprises for us?

Steven Albert: There are new singles that are going to be released on Euphonics in the future by artists such as Stoneface & Terminal, Ronski Speed and a few more. There will be, of course, new Kyau & Albert singles, including a new collaboration with Marc Marberg.

Ralph Kyau: We just finished a remix of Ronski Speed‘s single as well.

Steven Albert: Also, there's going to be a Kyau & Albert collaboration with Paul van Dyk that will get released on Vandit this spring.

Me: I know we're a little bit early in 2012 to ask this, but which song(s) has gotten you the best crowd reaction so far this year?

Ralph Kyau: Dennis Sheperds‘ single with Talla 2XLC called 'Two Worlds' is big in our sets since January.

That song is amazing, here is the official video.

Me: What do you think about music blogs? In your opinion, are they helping or hurting artists?

Steven Albert: In my opinion, it's definitively a good source for music lovers.

Ralph Kyau: Luckily we don't get a lot of bad critics on the internet, but if it happens, it happens. As we all know, taste is a very strange thing and as an artist you cannot make it right for everybody.

Me: Thank you for your time and congratulations on 15 years of awesomeness!


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