Your thoughts on triangles, please

     Hipsters be liking them upside-down triangles, bro. In all honesty, all it takes is one piece of clothing with a galaxy of some sort with weird geometrical shapes in order to be deemed as "hipster" by the majority of the population. My question is, what was the thought process when this kid bought that atrocious thing? Sure, galaxies are cool, but why the triangles? As he walked out of the Urban Outfitters where this was purchased, he must be wondering the very same thing himself. Nevertheless, whatever is seen as cool is cool, right? Shit man, Yeezy be on that facemask game as of recent, as should I.

     In other news, I have decided to allot more of my spare time to writing because, well, what else am I going to do. With the Didact in ruins, and a rather anti-climactic end for Desmond, I am left with studying, cooking, and writing. Studying is out of the window, and as I write, that guacamole isn't gonna make itself, isn't that right mom. Insert unflattering Beyonce picture.

     I came across a relatively recent album from a man named Andy Stott, entitled 'Luxury Problems'; and here at The Hawt, we're all about that luxe lifestyle. The LP, released through Modern Love at the end of the previous year, opens up with Numb, a song comprised of ever-layering loops to create a rather profound melody which really seems to explain the aforementioned title. In fact, the entire album gives one a feeling of disassociation with the surrounding world, isolating your psyche for a solid pondering sesh. The following song, 'Lost and Found', is like that time you took shrooms and started seeing spiders on every wall, but you knew everything was cool since they weren't real (they seemed real as fuck at the time though, damn spiders). As a whole, this LP can be described as deep house with industrial undertones, with an added pitched vocal sample spanning pretty much the entire piece. Check it out:

     You guys remember when I introduced you to the New York Producer Y U M E? Well you should, because he has just released an incredible song entitled 'Admire'. The joy I felt when this gem popped up on my stream is indescribable. In brief, hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cuz Y U M E be raping the music game out heya. The 18 year old producer, also known as Jesse Taylor (did I say he was Japanese?), is straight murdering the trip-hop game. The recipe? A clean choir background that completely complements the melody and some baselines straight from a Drake song. Put that shit in the oven and presto.

     Although this has been an EDM blog since 2009, I was told to post what I like. Well, fellow readers, if you haven't figured this out yet, I am a multi-faceted person. As a result, I thought it would be appropriate to bring a little bit of street cred to this blog. This being said, there were two noteworthy mixtapes released this week.

Members of the Beast Coast movement, The Underachievers, signed to Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus's label), have released their mixtape entitled 'Indigoism' approximately a week ago. This being said, there was not much surprise when this release, for this mixtape has been in the making for a good year already. Nevertheless, that does not remove anything from the quality of the flow and the great selection of producers which are housed here. If you want some FlyLo approved rapping, this is definitely worth checking out.

The Underachievers - Indigoism (Listen/Download)

Secondly, I need to introduce you guys to Earl's younger twin brother, Chester Watson. Well, he's not exactly his brother, but he sounds almost exactly like him, in my opinion. At age 15, he made 'Phantom', a mixtape which saw release last week. Covering the likes of MF Doom, he definitely brings some great lyricism, delivering his lines as effortlessly as ever (in other words, lean is good for rappers).

Chester Watson - Phantom

Last post, I made reference to BBC 6. I shall do so again, since another gem has emerged. To be more precise, it's a fuckton of gems, since it's a 2 hour mix brought to you from Tiga, a Montreal producer. Inspired from the 90's rave scene, this guy has risen to become a prominent musical figure in the world of raving and deep house alike.

     The video of the week is brought to you by Maxmillon Dunbar. Nikhil, signing out.

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