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     Let's be honest, there is nothing seemingly refreshing in the new wave of music. Maybe I am out of my mind due to sleep depravity, but I believe that my itunes selections always revert back to the previous year when everything was new and wonderful. Have there been any amazing EP's that have released this year, not to mention albums? Sure, magazines such as Pitchfork still have their archives full and the list keeps on coming, but is the quality still there? Obviously, this is not to say that the scene is not satisfyingly pleasant, yet I find an inherent lack. Nevertheless, I am ambivalent. On one side, why does the arrval of a new year need to coincide with a drastic movement in the industry? Why fix what is not broken and what has stood the test of the previous year? On the other side, I see a lack of new creativity. However so, the show must go on, and new music will still be causing ear tears, no matter how original/unoriginal the content. (Insert tree)

     Earl Sweatshirt has released a new song by the name of "Whoa", which is of course self-explanatory following the viewing of the video. Ever since his visit to Samoa for rehabilitation purposes, it seems as though every one of his releases are viewed as his return into the hip-hop scene. In fact, prior to his absence, Earl was quite a prominent part of new-school rap due to his affiliation with the OFWGKTA crew as well as the sheer excellence of his lyricism, not to mention his young age. Being a teaser for his full-length upcoming album entitled "Doris", we can expect quite a lot from the quirky young lad. Additionally, Tyler the Creator came out with his second LP, entitled 'Wolf'. Although I am not much of an Odd Future follower, I must say I enjoyed listening to his album, and it is a great improvement over his previous LP, 'Goblin'; the numbers seems to agree, as his first week of sales are predicted to at least double those of his prior work (95 000 copies to 46 000).

     On another note entirely, Mount Kimbie released a song which will be featured in their upcoming album, entitled 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth'. With a relatively military tonality at the very beginning of the song, emphasized through the use of a trumpet and dampened snare rolls, the long synth pulls begin their crawl into our cerebral only to evolve with coupled bass thuds. In my opinion, the vocal samples, while they are present, are seemingly too defined for the genre, and fill too many gaps, leaving me with a sentiment of musical overcrowding. 

     A noteworthy EP that has struck my ears this past week comes from a producer named Atu. In all honesty, I have not heard anything about this person, which means either I am ignorant as fuck, or that he is 'the new kid on the block'. Do not doubt me readers, your ears are safe in my hands. Entitled 'Pictures on Silence', this collection of tunes brings together many genres such as hip-hop, r&b, soul and chillstep in order to pave his own way in the vast universe of music. Here's a little teaser for you audiophiles. 

      The new Romare EP has finally been released, and it is quite something. The 4 track collection goes by the name of 'Love Songs:Part One', and this only leads us to believe that there will be more parts to the denunciation of his love for afrocentrism, amongst many other things.

     Would you guys like an in-depth review of the new Bonobo album? Well you won't get it, because I am too tired, and I did not enjoy it enough, to be frank. Although it started off promising, with the first 5 tracks providing me with an enjoyable bus ride home, the rest of the LP seems to lack any form of percussive rhythm, which seemed to bother me; although this might not be tangible, I felt a lack of soul, as though he fell out of the audible world he sought to create.  In brief, it was 'Emkay'. I normally only give a thorough review of music I absolutely adore, which is absolutely nothing. Call me lazy, I call it having extremely honed taste (in other words, lazy).

     The video of the week comes to you from Slava. If you enjoy virtual realities with hot european women, then you are in luck.

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