I didn't post much lately because I've been helping my friend to organize a party. It was very, very, very fun. I DJed for the first time outside of my house too! Hah. In this post I'll give you some songs I played at the party. Oh... and it ended with two public security cars and two police cars in front of the house at 2AM. FUN. Whatever, you don't care.

So let's start with this other Amanda Blank song, because many people (including me) "fawking love her". This song is not as amazing as Might Like You Better but still is really fun. It's less electro oriented but hey, it's still Amanda Blank. MAKE IT TAKE IT. Here you go, enjoy.

Amanda Blank - Make It Take It

Then I have this N.A.S.A. song that is starting to be played a little bit too much, let's hope it won't be a Day n' Nite V2. Aston Shuffle remixed this one and it's pretty good. The bass is groovy and makes it a perfect track to play when you want people to dance.

N.A.S.A. - Gifted (The Aston Shuffle Remix)

This next song is my favorite right now, really. Starry Eyed, remixed by Jakwob. This song is just... fawking amazing... it's insane (if you like dubstep ofcourse!). It has the same "style" (if you want to call it style?) than Little Bit by Lykke Li. Starts with a song that makes you think the songs is just commercial but then... you'll see, you'll love it. Boost the bass and the treble and play it loud.

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) [Very Fawking Hawt]

While looking at some mix's tracklists I found these two next songs. These are very very groovy song that makes you bang your head, so be ready for it. The first one is more like house, but the second is what you could call "dirty electro". PUT YOUR HOOD UP.

DiscoTech - Put Your Hood Up (Thug Rave Mix)

Guns'N'Bombs - Riddle of Steel

My "Relax" song lately is this one. Bl00fuck by Fukkk Offf, Remixed by LeBatman. Seems like many new DJs like calling themselves swears, can't say it doesn't help popularity... You know you want to listen to the song when the artist is Fukkk Offf... Well enjoy French (from France) music, it's good. The bonus track is just another song from this French band, it's good. Hope you have a nice week listening to my new post's songs!


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One Response to “PARTAY TIME!! WEeee”

  1. K, ben vu ke jconnais fuckall dans les groupes que tu viens de nommer :),
    ms ke je voulais quand meme te poser something,
    voila mon merveileux comment ;
    j'approuve total ( i dig, comme vous dites :p) ke le party etais lfun,
    '' pourquoi jsuis pas rester plus tard :/ ''
    et ouaais, staais vraiment nice de te rencontrer,
    et euhmm, ta du talent comme DJ (H)
    hahaa, byee <3