So Yeah...

I'm gone for a week to see family and stuff... don't have any ways to upload music at all so I'll just link something if I need to.

I was browsing the hype machine trying to find new stuff to listen at when I'll be back home and I found a link to a Super Mash Bros album (that was given out if I understood well, if not, I'll remove the link). So what are Super Mash Bros? No I didn't forget the S in front of Mash. They actually do some random mashups with known songs. I found out after listening to their songs that they usually (USUALLY) just take a rock song and put rap lyrics instead of the real ones. Although, some songs are pretty freaking groovy and fun to listen at. Nothing big really, but fun.

I would suggest you find "Kisses and Thugs" from them also, it's pretty fawking good. To be more precise about Super Mash Bros, their songs are just like a live set, but split into "songs". You'll understand after you listen to it.

I don't feel like getting mad anymore so I will stop my post here. Sorry but this keyboard makes me want to cut my wrists and suicide. It's like a laptop keyboard but even worst: the keys are small and stick to my fingers and ... and ... whatever.
When I'll be back I'll do some monster post or just a normal post, but with good music to listen at.

PS: I'll try uploading Kisses and Thugs when I get back home and giving a good link to it if anyone still wants it.

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