Finals are a bitch, really.


Like the title states pretty clearly, finals suck, and we have finals right now… So we’re studying instead of listening to records. But hey, yesterday I was so sick of studying for effing maths that I mixed some music (for 10 minutes… sigh) and it gave some pretty cool result (good thing I recorded it… I usually don’t). It’ll be used on another video (of key spamming in some mmo game) my friend will make I don’t know when… he doesn’t have finals so it should be soon, I’ll add the link when it’ll be up.

So. This mix is pretty much inspired from the fact I want hot weather… and guess what?! IT STARTED SNOWING THIS WEEK, HELL YEAH. So it’s just some beat I would usually play during summer while it’s pretty hot. By the way, I decided that I’m going to move to Cali after I’m done university, fuck Canada’s weather.

The songs here are going to get posted one day on this blog (or are already posted), so just wait a little, it’ll happen. Enjoy the music, I think it’s a pretty awesome mix.


1. Intro

2. Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Diplo Rap Remix)

3. Dizzee Rascal – Holiday (Laidback Luke Remix)

4. Grafton Primary - Records For The Righteous (Hey Now remix)

5. Dada Life - Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Malentes Wasted Kidz & Wacky Mix)

6. Diplo - Wassup Wassup (Crookers Happy Remix) ft. Rye Rye

Download: mewn – Nerdshack minimixx 2


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