Damn, it's been a while!

So a few days after my trip, my computer died. This means no posting for quite some time but don't worry, i got a new laptop. WOOT!
I've been checking out some new album releases, something I haven't done in a while and I found three worth talking about.

1- Noisia's new album is something I've been looking forward to for a very long time. Drum and Bass has become my new thing! Once again, Noisia and Foreign Beggars have teamed up to make some of the most insane head banging, seizure causing, car crashing music i know (very similar to the old Prodigy). But yes, there are also some good solo songs.

Shellshock - Noisia Ft. Foreign Beggars

Soul Purge - Noisia Ft. Foreign Beggars

Split The Atom - Noisia

2- Everyone knows about Crookers right? If not, check out these posts:


For those of you who DO know how awesome Crookers are, well it turns out their new album doesn't reach my Crookers standards. We can compare their new album to the Montreal Canadians; not a bad team but still one with a lot of difficulties. The Crooker's usual NHL representative team: Washington Capitals. Not comparative. At least the album cover is still pretty cool.

Hip Hop Changed - Crookers Ft. Rye Rye

Remedy - Crookers Ft. Miike Snow


3- Finally, lets talk about Groove Armada. They're a group from the UK that aren't that well known in Canada but that play some pretty sweet music. These two guys will play some smooth experimental/dance/indie that might just blow your mind (if you're more of a calm person). Their new album Black Light is their 9th and I find they’re getting pretty damn good.

Paper Romance - Groove Armada

Just For Tonight - Groove Armada

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