Upcoming Pop Stars?

Before I start commenting on the upcoming all-stars, I need to say that the rock I usually listened to was Death Metal, so for me, Metallica is soft-ish rock. You’ll understand why I say this later.

image The manager of the band “Everyone’s Talking” sent me their newly released album Dragonflies and I finally got to fully listen to it. I have to admit it’s really not my favorite musical style, but it is really good and I really enjoyed listening to it. It’s pop music that is slow and soft, but sometimes gets groovy. It will definitely play on radio a lot in the upcoming months; as soon as radios get a copy of the album!

They call their style Piano Rock, which is pretty accurate considering that most of what you hear is piano, with some other instruments like guitar (with vocals of course). It is very… “soft rock” music and totally unrelated to the usual blog posts, haha. I’m having a hard time actually explaining what the music sounds like, but I’ll leave you with a sample so you can try to “understand” what I can’t say in words! The first thing I thought about when I listened to it was “woah that’s like avenged sevenfold but softer”. I don’t know why. It sounds like coldplay as well.

Their album is up on a “pay what you want” website so just check their myspace for the link and more information about the band! If you like the tracks below, buy the album! Show them your support! They deserve it! Here is the most “electronic” track off their album. With another track that I really liked.

Everyone’s Talking – War pt.2

Everyone’s Talking – Dragonflies II (“ELECTRONIC” TRACK)

It’s easy to see these guys worked very hard on the album and they deserve fame, money and women. haha. They’re good, really.


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