Summer is a nice season; it’s a very nice season (see picture above, and then below! hahaha) and that is why our crew is slacking lately on posts! We’re all pretty busy going out and working, leaving only a little bit of time for the blog, but yet I’m posting one day after Ellis! Don’t forget to read his post! haha.

I was listening to Bal en Blanc again lately (getting in the mood for Tiësto this sunday!) and I found an insaneeee Trance song. Markus Schulz played it pretty early during his set and I remember hearing it at like 8AM. No need to say it was fucking legendary. This is my favorite Trance track at the moment.

Jochen Miller – Brace Yourself (Extended Mix)

I have two dubstep tracks to share with you guys. The first one is a remix from Rusko that’s pretty neat. This time he’s mixing his “good ol’ synth” with some 8bit sounds and Kelis singing. Neat groove. Hear for yourself.

Kelis – 4th of July (Fireworks) (Rusko Remix)

The second dubstep track is from Bassnectar. He decided to mix his own song (that was “okay”) to change it to a sick ass dubstep one. He calls it his “mega-bass remix” for a reason. Enjoy.

Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)


Obviously a post isn’t a post without some dutch. A lot of good shit gets released during the summer like we’ve seen lately. Here is a couple tracks from Congorock, Sidney Samson, Bart B More (which is amazing by the way) and Itch-E & Scratch-E.

Congorock – Babylon

Sidney Samson – The World is Yours

Mc Flipside – In The Zone (Bart B More Vocal Remix)

Itch-E & Scratch-E - R.E.F.R.E.S.H. (ft. Scribe)



I don’t know if you guys remember, but I posted a mix from Dada Life a whileeeee back? (I was the only writer at the time). It was an amazing mix that I still listen to from time to time. Click HERE for this post, but keep reading for their new July Mix! I had a few listens and it’s really neat. The mixing didn’t seem as good as the old mix (that was totally nuts by the way), but the tracks are still freaking tight. Check their post on their website and check their website in general!




Keep the good shit coming! And see you all at Tiësto!

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  1. Haha where do you think Jochen Miller is from?