$H!T S0N

Ok, so it has a been a f*%king long time since I posted anything so I'm gonna change things around a little by talking as little as possible and getting you the most musik I can. Here are some sweet remixes I found on a new favorite site of mine (respekt to http://funkyremixes.com) We got rap, hip hop, blues and rock:

Ashwan - Summer (Bootleg Remix)

Chino - Chino's Chucks

Deutscheunschuld - Material Girl (DU Remix)

MC Jack in the Box - Brad and Chuck

MC Jack in the Box - Bring the Music Back 

MC Jack in the Box - Crazy Love

Mickey Jello - Paparazzi

Rythm Scholar - Funk Hustler

Tengiz - No Meaning No

Wade - Gold Teeth

Also, to top it all off, let's get a little more mainstream. Here's a song that's been playing a lot on the radio that I found hilarious (you've probably already heard it.. Asians rapping to a club beat.... its actually not that bad.

Far East Movement - Like A G6 ft. The Cataracs

Man I want a Gulfstream! GRRRrrr!

 Enjoy it, i will!

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