I Wanna Go High…

We’d been talking about it for weeks now and finally, last weekend, we went to New York for the Electric Zoo festival that took place on Saturday and Sunday. I know its a bit late, one week that is, but i got lazy. Just to put you guys in context, it was from 11am to 11pm on both days, with four stages and (usually) all of them jam packed and it was non-stop craziness. The weekend started on a great foot when Justin decided to bet with me that we could not get from Montreal to New York on one tank of gas. It took some insanely good driving on my part, some drafting behind trucks for extended periods of time and putting the car on neutral while going downhill but at the end, with the tank empty and Justin begging me to exit and put gas before we ran out, we made it safely to the hotel. But anyways, enough laughing at Justin for the time being and here’s a list of the Djs we saw and a couple of their tracks.

 Day 1

Glenn Morisson

First Dj of the weekend and he was pretty good. Got to give him credit, although the crowd was pretty at the start because it just opened, the guy was having fun nonetheless.

Contact (Deadmau5 Remix) – Glenn Morrison

Gareth Emery


It was only our second set of the day but it was without a doubt one of the best of the whole festival.

The Island Part 1 (Dawn) – Pendulum

On a Metropolis Day (Myon & Shane 54 Mashup) – Gareth Emery vs Oceanlab (REPOST)

He’s probably my favourite producer at the moment and it can only get better with his new album upcoming. Don’t forget to check out his single Sanctuary from Justin’s last post.

Markus Schulz

It was my second time seeing him although the first time was cut short by boring friends at Bal en Blanc and i must say there is a reason he is  in the Top Ten of Dj Mag. 


Rain – Markus Schulz (REPOST)

Perception (feat. Justine Suissa) – Markus Schulz (REPOST)

Mainstage – W&W (REPOST)

Yeah yeah, a lot of reposting but they’re sick tracks, trust me. Once I get the live set I promise to make the most of it.

Fake Blood

I was pussy last time he dropped by Montreal and to be honest it’s a shame I missed him

Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) – Little Boots


Anyone order a bass Panini?

Lick the Lizard – Reso & Rusko (sorry for guys talking, its the only version of the song that I know of).

Massive. Played a lot of reworks of his classics, so much fun. Actually got to fight until I got to the front and it was worth all the fighting.

Benny Benassi

What to say about Benny? Probably the only disappointing set on the weekend. In his defence, there were technical difficulties during his set but when he came to drop Spaceship (his track of the summer) he got on to the table and pumped up the crowd just to mix out of it. Disrespectful. Table mounting should not be used except for awesome drops.

Spaceship (feat. Kelis & Apl de Ap) – Benny Benassi

Don’t like his sound usually but this track is addictive.


Ok so I never really listened to Axwell before and lord was I wrong. Here’s one of my favourite tracks of the moment.

Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrick B Remode) – Adrian Lux

Alright so basically we have no choice but to repost this but this song song was played 7 times : Dirty South, Markus Schulz, Axwell (twice), Armin and I’ve forgotten all the rest because seriously everyone played it, EVERYONE.

One – Swedish House Mafia (REPOST)

Oh by the way, here’s Justin going crazy:20100904_IMG_1868

Day 2

D. Ramirez

The first Dj really worth mentioning and probably the only one who has a haircut that can rival with Rusko’s, which one is worst I really can’t decide.

System (Deadmau5 Remix) – D. Ramirez & Mark Knight

Cosmic Gate

Yeah we went to see them again, and like usual they were beasts.

Not Enough Time (feat. Emma Hewitt) – Cosmic Gate

Man On the Run (Nic Chagall Remix) – Dash Berlin


Pleasantly surprised by his set, unfortunately I didn’t stay the whole time because there was a great vegan restaurant and I was hungry. 

New New (Avicii Remix) –Bob Sinclar

And obviously he played Bromance and the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Bromance (Avicii Remix) – Tim Berg (REPOST)

Above and Beyond

They probably had the bet set of the weekend. They just had so much fun and were incredible. At some point Paavo would write messages to the crowd on his Mac, energy was just insane.

above and beyond_ezny

This track is my favourite at the moment, its off of Super8 & Tab’s new album and there’s a couple of remixes but here’s my personal favourite.

Empire (Kyau & Albert Remix) – Super8 & Tab

Sander Van Doorn

Just like Bal en Blanc he was totally awesome. At some points, these two guys were going to leave but i convinced them to stay because they should not miss out and they thanked me after, that’s right.

Hymn 2.0 – Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze

Major Lazer / Diplo

So Diplo tried to slip a fast one past everyone. As you probably know, he is part of Major Lazer. Well turns out, the guy we saw at Osheaga and Electric Zoo was only him and we saw him later again as Diplo the next day. Pretty baller.

Wolfgang Gartner

Probably one of the most entertaining Djs there, his set was just sick. Really. Three turntables, one mixboard and a lot of awesomeness.

Conscindo – Wolfgang Gartner & Mark Knight (REPOST)

Armin Van Buuren

What so say, what to say? Nothing much other than it was crazy. The crowd was completely insane and there’s a reason why he’s # 1 in the world. It definitely was not the best set of the weekend, but the ambiance was totally different from all the others (Oh and he knows how to do a succesfull table mount).


Mirage – Armin van Buuren

So that was basically our awesome weekend, if i had to get two lessons out of it they would probably to never trust Justin with directions and also never to lock him out of a hotel room when he’s only in his boxers and a towel, turns out he gets really pissed…

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  1. Bad with directions? Its my fault when Ellis misinterprets a road sign. PROOF READ, but nice post, gracias for empire.

  2. Lol at Justin. Proof read eh?