If you follow The Hawt on Facebook or Twitter, you probably read the “new posts after midterms bla bla bla”". I’ve been super busy with school, studying a lot and failing exams anyways. I had 4 midterms this week. It kinda blew. Anywayyys… that’s my excuse for not posting. Thanks to the others for posting enough while I couldn’t.


What I noticed on the blog was the lack of dubstep lately. After Electric Zoo, Justin and Ellis were mad on Trance and House. I’m not complaining because what they posted was amazinnnng, but I’m just stating a fact.

So… I’ll start with some “new” Major Lazer. By “new” I mean new in my music library, because I had a hard time keeping up with new releases since school started and this “new” Major Lazer I’m talking about was released 2 months ago. I’m obviously talking about their new EP “Lazers Never Die”. It is short, but very nice (that’s what she said am I right). It’s basically 2 new tracks with 3 remixes of their previous album. In the 2 new tracks, there is one that was released like a year ago and the other wasn’t released before the EP, but was in a Major Lazer Essential Mix (Diplo’s half) from a whiiileeeeeeeee back. The remixes are decent and are basically electronic versions of some reggae tracks. Check them out, I’ll only post the 2 new tracks that are pure reggae/dancehall/potsmoking music. I swear to god, when you listen to the tracks you become black for a few minutes.

Major Lazer - Sound Of Siren Feat. M.I.A. & Busy Signal

Major Lazer - Good Enuff (Cash Flow Dub) Feat. Collie Buddz & Lindi Ortega

 Lazers Never Die EP

On with some (needed to survive) dubstep…

So I talked to an old friend l used to play computer games with (he’s a dubstep addict) and he gave me a few tracks that are worth posting. I wish he would post on the blog though! Haha. Here is some Don Diablo, Excision and Datsik, Bob Marley, Flux Pavilion and some DJ Fresh.

Sick mashup.
Don Diablo vs Excision & Datsik – Blow The Calypso

Sounds like old school Rusko! (This is where you hear Bob Marley)
Flux Pavilion – Excuse me

Here is more Flux Pavilion. The main synth sounds like some Doctor P.
Dj Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)

You remember the Brostep mix #2 from Kabz months back right? You know the one where you guys learned what was filthy dubstep? Ya’ know… da real thang. Well Kabz released 2 new mixes since(there’s one that I already posted and that was pretty good, but it doesn’t come close to brostep#2 or the new mix I’m posting today). His newest one is really filthy with some tracks reminding me of brostep. I LOVE IT. He also plays some Noisia! Check it out, it’s worth it (download it!). Oh and don’t forget to ask Ellis to play it in his car. Hah!



1. Richard Pryor Intro
2. Cutting Crew - Died In Your Ams (Monster! Monster! RMX)
3. Wizard Sleeve - FuntCase & Southbound Hangers
4. Clap Your Hands (Dubstep Version) - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
5. Typhoon - Foreign Beggars ft. Chasing Shadows
6. Brock Out - FuntCase & DatsiK
7. Split The Atom (Bar 9 RMX) - Noisia
8. You've Failed - Robzords
9. Medibot Remix - Metaphase
10. Jabba 2 - Kane
11. It's All Gone Down The Toilet - Narky
12. Teflon ft Kemist (DatsiK & Excision RMX) - Kelly Dean & Steady
13. Piano Tune - Bar 9
14. Bliss - Cookie Monsta
15. Dune - Minnesota
16. Slow Down - Trolley Snatcha
17. Born Free (12th Planet Remix) - M.I.A.
18. Dirty Jersey (ReFix) - Mike Honcho
19. Geisha - J. Nitrous
20. Haunted House - The S.K.
21. Gargoyle - Doctor P
22. Mugatu - DZ
23. Sumurfin Be Runnin - Laney
24. Interruption 4 (Cardopusher RMX) - Enduser
25. Ill As FUCK - Section 8
26. In Memory - SPL
27. Knock Knock - UltraBlack
28. Firewater - Jason C & Metaphase
29. Collabz - KzA
30. Pump It - Plater
31. Wonderland (hd4000 RMX) - BTrippin
32. Bound To Drizown - 40z N 9z


On with some ooooold school mixed with some trance.

The first song I want to post is the one that Tiesto has been spamming lately on Sirius XMs (Tiesto’s Club Life thing). Here is what he said after playing it: “This track  always makes me smile” (add his amazing weird accent that we all love). What he said is true by the way. It’s an old school track that got remixed by Fred Falke. The result is a disco-ish song that has a nice groove and that is mixable with Trance! AMAZING!

Sia - Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke Remix)

Here are some songs from Gareth Emery’s sets that are really sick and that he played at Circus. (The two first songs of the set). The first one was just mystic/cool; it’s just a really nice intro. Annddd the second one is just a really garrethemeryish trance song: neat! Enjoy.

Arno Cost - Cyan (Original Mix)

Mason - You Are Not Alone (Original Mix) <—Personal Favourite

Have a nice week and check Cyan’s official video HERE, it’s really cool.


Sander Van Doorn - Daddyrock (Original Mix)

I’m a terrible person.

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  1. Lol I was re-listening to TGEP 105 and I was planning on posting Cyan. Good job noticing the lack of dubstep, more coming soon!