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Me and Fred went to a Scion promo that consisted of 3 different Scions (that we played around with a little: popped the hood, shifted gears, etc.), a small dancefloor, some extremely expensive booze (For all you alcoholics out there, don't worry! There is a Couche-Tard just up the street where you can find some cheap beer. We quickly ended up there.) and a couple of couches upstairs. In other words, Suco wasn't exactly a perfect location for this kind of event and the crowd wasn't spectacular but thankfully, the musik was f@cking awesome.

IMG_0171 We got there around 10ish, when Duvall was on the mini half stage. He wasn't bad but we left about ten minutes later (as previously noted to get some more alcohol in our systems). When we returned, after a certain encounter with a young woman trying to con us into going to another party and a quick observation as to how bad women are at parking, Classixx started playing. Now I dont want to understate how good they were, but holy sh!t did they blow my mind! Their Electro/Indie/Oldschool was exactly what I needed on a Thursday night. I even enjoyed myself more then when my imaginary girlfriend comes over and gives me a BJ. WOOT WOOT!

Dial 1 - Classixx

Cold Act Ill - Classixx

I'll Get You  - Classixx (Ft. Jeppe)

Now we had to leave around 1 due to a multiple of reasons, but if any of you get to see these guys live, I suggest you stay till the end. You won't regret it.


Now as I was looking into my old files for Classixx songs, I ran into a couple of songs that sounded very similar by a group previously known as the Young Americans. Well it turns out they are actually the same people! SAY WAHT?!? The Young Americans had to change their name to Clasixx a little while ago due to legal problems. Well guess what? I still have some of these songs for you to enjoy!

Starts with One - Shiny Toy Guns (Young Americans Remix)

Turning Inside Out - Young Americans

And to top off this oldschool mood, lets introduce you to Chromeo's new album. This awesome, Montreal based group is bringin on some intense competition to their previous album (Fancy Footwork) with their new one: Business Casual. It's sweeeeet! Buy it!

I'm not contagious - Chromeo

Night by Night - Chromeo


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3 Responses to “This IS A SCION EVENT!”

  1. Imaginory gf bjs? Worst comparison eva

  2. That Guy's friend, from that place, from that other time, at that thing, you know?October 21, 2010 at 9:28 PM

    Man the classixx are great! Kinda of a Wolfgang G and Justice thing going on, its swexy!